Rojbin Erden Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

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Who is Asi character in the series Yabani (The Wild)? How old is Rojbin Erden? Who plays Asi in the series Yabani?

The question of who is Yabani Asi is on the agenda... Rojbin Erden plays the character of Asi in the Yabani series. Information about Rojbin Erden, who is included among the actors of FOX TV's series, is in our news...

Rojbin Erden plays the character of Asi in the Yabani series. Here is the information about Rojbin Erden, who plays Asi in the popular series, aroused curiosity. Here is information about Rojbin Erden...  

Robin Erden Biography
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Who is Rojbin Erden? 

Rojbin Erden was born in Istanbul in 2000. She is now 24 years old.  Rojbin Erden, who spent her childhood in Istanbul, graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Opera Department after her primary, secondary and high school education. After her university education, she started modeling. Rojbin Erden, who started working with an agency, then stepped into her acting career. 

She had her first acting experience with the series called Naked, which was broadcast digitally in 2021 and continued for 2 seasons. Then she had her first television series experience with Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, which was broadcast on Show TV2. Today, Rojbin Erden is starring in the series Yabani, which is broadcast on Fox TV screen. She gives life to the character of Asi in the series.

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