Rüzgarlı Tepe (Wind of Love) Synopsis And Cast: Kanal 7 Turkish Series

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What is the synopsis of Rüzgarlı Tepe (Wind of Love)? Who are the actors and actresses? Where is it filming?

Rüzgarlı Tepe (Wind of Love) series seems to continue to leave its mark on the sector. People who follow the series are looking for the answer to the question of where Rüzgarlı Tepe is filmed. Details are in the continuation of our news...

Kanal 7's famous series Rüzgarlı Tepe has created a huge fan base for itself in the last year. For this reason, fans of the series often wonder where Rüzgarlı Tepe is filmed. They come up with questions such as who are the lead actors of Rüzgarlı Tepe. The series comes across as a new voice with its young cast and all the clichés. With its story, Rüzgarlı Tepe looks like it will continue to leave its mark on the coming years.

Another feature of the series is that it is shot in a location in Istanbul where we are not used to shooting a series. With this feature, Rüzgarlı Tepe series attracts attention. So what is the plot of the famous series, where is the Windy Hill series filmed? We have compiled everything you want to know about Rüzgarlı Tepe in this article.

Rüzgarlı Tepe has a large cast, but two of them stand out: the young talent Cemre Arda and Gökberk Yıldırım, whom we have known from some TV series in the past. Rüzgarlı Tepe series seems to be a rich girl poor boy story, but we can say that it is actually much more than this cliché. Rüzgarlı Tepe is a story of revenge. Halil, who lost his family at a young age and wants revenge, embarks on a forced love story with Zeynep, the richest girl in his town.

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Synopsis of Rüzgarlı Tepe

Rüzgarlı Tepe is a story of love and revenge. The series stars two young people in search of themselves: Zeynep and Halil. Zeynep is the daughter of the richest family in the town where the series takes place. Halil, on the other hand, strives for revenge for the family he has already lost. Although Zeynep seems to have grown up with one hand in oil and one hand in honey, she is actually a person with a warrior spirit. Halil, on the other hand, grew up with his aunt and became more and more resentful with each passing day due to the loss of his family.

The paths of Halil, who steps into an ordeal at an early age and does not stop fighting against difficulties, and Zeynep, who is a real free warrior under the princess profile, cross. In the love story of Halil, who lives for his family, and Zeynep, who lives despite her family, the pain, difficult decisions, uncertainties and impossibilities will push these two young people on an irreversible path. Zeynep and Halil, two different people from completely different worlds, are unwittingly caught in the vortex of love, and no matter how much they run away from each other, their paths always cross. 

Rüzgarlı Tepe Filming Location

The question of where Rüzgarlı Tepe series is filmed is often asked by fans. Fans of the series visit the shooting locations and take photos with names such as Cemre Arda and Gökberk Yıldırım. The answer to the question of where the Windy Hill series is filmed is quite simple. The series is filmed in Sarıyer district, which is located in the north of Istanbul and which we have not seen much preferred for series filming recently.

We know the Kireçburnu coast of Sarıyer, the northernmost district of the European side, as the location where Leyla ile Mecnun was filmed in the past. Rüzgarlı Tepe series is mostly filmed in the rural areas of the district.

Rüzgarlı Tepe Release Date And Channel

The series, which is broadcast in daily format, meets with the audience every evening at 21.30 on Kanal 7 screens. The series, which met the audience for the first time in the last days of 2023 and satisfies the curiosity of its audience with five new episodes every week. Rüzgarlı Tepe is broadcast in daily series format. The series appears on Kanal 7 screens every weekday. There is a break on Saturdays and Sundays. The first episode of Windy Hill was broadcast on January 2, 2024, so the series is very new. Despite this, Rüzgarlı Tepe has gained great, great popularity in four months.

Cast of Rüzgarlı Tepe (Wind of Love)

Cemre Arda as Zeynep Aslanli

Who is Cemre Arda? Cemre Arda, who has no clear information about her childhood, place of birth and date of birth, first appears in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, one of the most important schools in Turkey. Arda, who completed her four-year education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, started to play the lead role in the series Rüzgarlı Tepe after appearing in many large and small roles during her education.

Gökberk Yıldırım as Halil Firat

Who is Gökberk Yıldırım? Yıldırım, who opened his eyes to the world on December 20, 1991 in Ankara, first became interested in acting shortly after completing his high school education. Yıldırım, who is known to have started university but it is not known which school and department he preferred, interrupted his education for acting after a while. After this break, he tried to discover and improve his talent by attending acting courses.

Gökberk Yıldırım, who played the character of Murat Kozan in the series Beni Affet, which thousands of people still watch reruns, starred in a total of 869 episodes between 2014-2018 in this series. Gökberk Yıldırım is currently playing the character of Halil in the series Rüzgarlı Tepe.

Hilal Kuvvet as Canan

Selma Kutlug as Zümrüt

Zeynep Serpil Bozkurt as Tülay

Sena Pehlivan as Selma Aslanli

Ilayda Sumak as Merve Aslanli

Serdar Yusuf as Eren

Tarik Tiryakioglu as Feyyaz

Adem Bal as Cemil

Dilek Aba

Enes Özdemir

Sude Oduncu

Ilkay Güz Bozkurt

Gülsah Susam

Arda Sanli

Zeynep Dreyfi Zuhri

Eda Demirel

Benan Yüce

Furkan Bozkurt

Ezgi Dalgiç

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