Yalan Episode 3: Melike Cannot Hide Hazal's Existence Any Longer

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The 3rd episode summary of Yalan (The Fake) series were published! While the followers of the Yalan series are following the new episode with excitement, they are wondering if the Yalan 3rd episode trailer has been released. Is there a link to watch the new death of Yalan on June 10?

What happened in the last episode?

Melike and Hazal get into a police station with Berrin and Duru. Duru gets mad that Berrin does not file a complaint against Melike. Melike is surprised when she cannot see Hazal's birthmark. Melike, who lost her husband years ago, tries to find his killers. Hülya tells Cengiz that Melike will be trouble for them. So, did Hülya and Cengiz kill Melike's husband?

While the followers of the Yalan series are excitedly following the new episode, he wonders if the Yalan 3rd episode trailer has been released. Is there a link to watch the June 10 Lie new episode trailer? The summary of the new episode of the series, which carries the story of Melike, who is released from prison after years, getting rid of the web of lies she fell into, is as follows; 

episode 3 Yalan
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Melike, who survived Zehra at the last moment, cannot hide Hazal's existence any longer. Thanks to Kerim, an unexpected cooperation emerges between Duru and Melike. Fearing Melike's growing power, Berrin and Hülya devise a plan to neutralize Melike. On the other side, Haluk starts to trace the truth that Berrin has been hiding, by attracting Hazal to his side.

When Melike saves Hazal from a big trouble, a real warmth is born between the two. On the other hand, Melike supports Duru for the design competition and is always by her side. On the final night of the competition, Melike will experience the biggest surprise of her life: Is Duru her own daughter?

Has Yalan episode 3 trailer been released?

Yalan episode 3 trailer has not been released yet. You can follow our page for current developments. Read Also All Episode of Yalan (The Fake)

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