Zemheri (2019) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What is the synopsis of the Zemheri series, who are the actors-actresses. Here is the cast and their character of Zemheri series.

Turkish Drama Zemheri, which met with the audience on Show TV screen on Wednesday evenings, continue to be investigated. So what names are included in the cast of Zemheri series? Here are those who are curious about the subject of zemheri series and the cast...

The new series continues to appear in front of the audience on television screens. Ayça Ayşin Turan, who gave life to the character of Leyla in Hakan Muhafiz, is in Caner Cindoruk, who plays Sarp in the women's series. Here are those who are curious about the Zemheri series...

Zemheri's cast and subject matter has taken its place among the curious topics. Who's among the Zemheri cast? The eagerly awaited series will air every week on Show TV screens on Wednesday evenings. Ayça Ayşin Turan Firuze gives life to the character of Ayça Ayşin Turan (Firuze) in the series and Alperen Kulak (Ayaz) character.

Synopsis of Zemheri

Firuze and Ayaz... Two beautiful hearts, two family-bearing kids. The only trouble is to lay the paths of fate together with pure, immaculate love.

They shoulder the burdens they have to carry with the power they receive from their love for each other. In all these challenges, they have given up hope for a tiny, own future of their own. Until fate changed its mind and returned from its path...

Zemheri Cast
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Ayaz remains at such a crossroads. At the center of firuze's throne, he is forced to give up his life, dreams, his future. He'll hand it over to Lucifer, even if he doesn't want his heart. This sacrifice is for his mother. But firuze's heart becomes petrified, which he left behind in pain and disappointment. He believed for the first and last time, and the gates of his heart are closed forever to believe.

But as life knows again, the author brings the story to the point where I'm blind. As soon as Firuze proves her father's innocence, she has to undergo an unforeseen test. He finds the man who broke his heart with Ertan, whom his father would have to fight for his freedom. What will life bring to Firuze in this quadruple predicament? Read Also Final Episode of Turkish Drama 'Zemheri'

Cast of Zemheri

Ayça Ayşin Turan as Firuze
For Firuze, who attracts everyone's attention at first glance with her duruly beautiful beauty and sparkling smiley eyes, her education and family come first. The life of a 26-year-old girl studying at the Department of Architecture will change completely with the intersection of ayaz. Firuze's difficult life due to his mother and brother, who tasted love for the first time in his life, will become even more difficult when he goes to prison for a crime thrown at his father. From now on, the young girl will only fight to ensure justice.

Alperen Kulak as Ayaz
For Ayaz, she is the most valuable asset mother in her life. For the young man who can do anything for him, Firuze is a milat he encounters at the university where he studied. Ayaz's life, which is a beautiful girl who cuts off her feet, and who tastes love, is turned upside down with the arrival of her father, who suddenly goes to the door one night. Ayaz faces the toughest decision of his life. On the one hand, his conscience, the love of his life on the other hand... The choice of a young man who is a heart man will lead him to a big storm.

Caner Cindoruk as Ertan
For Ertan, who has a pretty hard appearance from the outside, success and his sister Berrak come first. Ertan, who has no things he would not do because they wanted to achieve it and has an ambition, has been a breaking point in his life. Ertan, who does not let go against anyone except lucid, never avoids dangerous and bold moves. Firuze and Ayaz's entry into their lives will be an important turning point for both Ertan and his brother Berrak.

Hazal Filiz Kucukköse as Berrak
Berrak, a beautiful and charming young woman, was raised on hand. An event experienced by Lucifer, who is a source of joy for his family, changes her forever. After this event, the young girl whom Ertan gives all her love becomes addicted to attention. Lucifer, who fell in love with him at the first time he met Ayaz and risked doing everything to get him, now dreams of marrying Ayaz and living together forever. The steps he will take for this cause will affect not only his and the young man's life.

Emir Çubukçu as Faruk
Nihal Koldas as Safiye
Mufit Kayacan as Yasar
Lila Gurmen as İclal
Şebnem Dönmez as Mehveş
Zerrin Tekindor as Aliye

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