Çatı Katı Aşk (The Penthouse Love) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What the plot story of Çatı Katı Aşk (The Penthouse Love) series? Who are in the casts? When will be released? and what channel the series will air?

The trailer for the series on Kanal D began to air. Viewers, on the other hand, went on a search to learn about the series. What is the synopsis of the series, who are the players who began to get a lot of attention, the question of when the love series will be broadcast was also a matter of curiosity. Here's information about the new series...

Cati Kati Ask will appear in front of the audience with the first episode tonight. The actors-actresses and the subject are being investigated. The series, which will air every week on Kanal D screens on Thursday evening, stars popular names. In the new series, Furkan Andıc, Ateş Avci gives life to the character of Yigit Kirazcı, Demir Yilmaz, Ezgi Şenler Ayşen Yilmaz, Nilay Deniz, and Yasemin Çetin. Here is information about the actors-actresses and plot story of the series...

Cati Kati Ask players and plot story are among the topics being investigated. The series, which will be shown on 9 July with its first episode, will air on Kanal D every week on Thursday. In the series, Ateş, Ayşen, Demir and Yasemin will come together from different social classes and cultures, which are opposite the characters to the bottom.

Synopsis of Çatı Katı Aşk

The series begins with the inclusion of two foreign guests in a large, warm family. Ateş and Yasemin, who joined this family with solidarity and a little "lie" clinging to each other, will fight with love under this roof, then be tested with lies, but over time they will see friendship, sharing and love. The Penthouse Love is the story of all of them, all of them, those who have just been thrown into life, those who carry the worlds on their backs, who weave the nest. But above all, it's a love story...

Cati Kati Ask is the story of Ateş, Ayşen, Demir and Yasemin, who come from different social classes and cultures that are opposite the characters, and resist their love at the expense of taking their families in front of them. While life leaves young people with great problems, will this family, which we long for, be able to overcome everything and stay together with their strong bonds?

Ezgi Şenler Furkan Andic
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Mia Yapim, which also produced the series 'Hercai', which was screened on ATV on Fridays, will prepare a large project for the series, which will begin preparations in 2020. In Turkey, the production that started the project continues to work on the desk.

All Episode of Çatı Katı Aşk

Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20

Cast of Çatı Katı Aşk

Furkan Andıc as Ates Avci
Furkan Andıc was born in Istanbul in 1990 and completed his primary and secondary education in Ataşehir. He studied Visual Communication and Design at Yeditepe University. His interest in acting pushed him into the series. Tatlı İntikam, Kırgın Çiçekler, Kaçak Gelinler, Aşk Ekmek Hayaller, Yağmurdan Kaçarken, Adını Feriha Koydum: Emir’in Yolu, Umutsuz Ev Kadınları, Kardeş Çocukları and Her Yerde Sen took roles in successful productions such as. He will star again in the 2020 summer series Çatı Katı Ask (The Penthouse Love).

Ezgi Şenler as Ayşen Yilmaz
Ezgi Şenler was born in Ankara in 1993. She studied at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Modern Dance Department. As a child, he studied at the Children's Ballet Department at Ankara State Opera and Ballet. At the age of 11, he entered Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Classical Ballet Department. His first acting experience was Bodrum Tale, which aired on Kanal D in 2016.

Yigit Kirazcı as Demir Yilmaz
Yigit Kirazcı was born in Istanbul on August 17, 1983. Yigit Kirazcı graduated from Bilgi University Faculty of Communication, Department of Advertising. 

Nilay Deniz as Yasemin Cetin
Nilay Deniz delights fans of the new series that has not been seen on screens for a long time. Nilay Deniz was born in Aydin in 1993. Nilay Deniz studied acting. His first acting experience was with the series Behzat Ç. Ah Neriman then appeared in The Sun, 20 Minutes, Purple Violets and Five More Left to Life. She flashed her star role in The Love Replay. He then starred in the series Firefly and was loved. In 2019, she played the role of River in The Let's Get Up.

Burak Tamdoğan as Filozop Emin
Burak Tamdoğan was born in Ankara in 1971. Burak Tamdoğan studied Psychology department at O.D.T.U. Burak Tamdoğan studied at Ankara University Theatre Department. While continuing his university education, he took part in Ankara Art Theatre. In 2007, he appeared behind bars in Kara Ekmek, Kara Para Ask and Elimi Birakma. 

Pelin Öztekin as Suheyla Durmaz
Pelin Öztekin was born in Izmit in 2987. He studied theatre at Pera Fine Arts High School. Pelin Öztekin is the daughter of Rasim Öztekin. So far, he's appeared in many tv shows. Life Knowledge is the first series. Then 2003- Life Information, 2008- Very Nice Movements These are very nice movements, 2013- Nineties, 2016- Hayat Sarkisi, 2018- Big Husband Lies, 2018- The Enemy in My Home, 2019- Aglama Anne series has appeared in the series films. 

Bulent Seyran as Shuayip Durmaz
Bulent Seyran was born in Germany in 1976. In 1992, he worked as a trainee at Izmir Konak Municipal Theatre and then appeared in various plays at Konak Municipal Theatre. In 1997, he came to Istanbul and graduated from the acting department of Akademi Istanbul. The series films he starred in; Selena has appeared in the series films What Is Fatmagüln's Fault, While My Mother Is Asleep, Yeter, Tatli Intikam, Kalbimin Sultani, Dengi Dengine.

Renan Bilek- Celal Yilmaz
Renan Bilek was born in Istanbul in 1968. Renan appeared in the series Of A Passing Time. He was known for his series. During his high school years, he appeared in a band called Leke. Renan Bilek is both a theatre and a musician. He's showing off his show Between Us on his own. The series films starring Renan Bilek; He has appeared in such a passing series, Doksanli, Yesil Deniz, Yeni Gelin and Sevgili Gecmis.

Tülay Günal as Perihan Yılmaz
Erhan Yazıcıoğlu as Asaf Avcı
Ebru Aykaç as Gülriz Avcı
Bedia Ener as Saadet Yılmaz

The Series will be filmed in eastern provinces
As you know, Hercai began shooting in Mardin province and made a lot of noise. The series will probably shoot in our eastern provinces and reflect the culture of the region. Recently, such series as Hercai and Benim Adim Melek were seen to be quite successful. Therefore, Çatı Katı Aşk (The Penthouse Love) Series will reflect the eastern culture. 

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