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Episode 10 Çatı Katı Aşk (The Penthouse Love)

The new 10th episode trailer of Çatı Katı Aşk (Penthouse Love) has released! What shocked Ayşen and Demir?

Çatı Katı Aşk (Penthouse Love) series, which began its broadcasting life and quickly gained great acclaim, appears on Kanal D screens on Saturday evenings. Starring Furkan Andıc, Ezgi Şenler, Yigit Kiraci and Nilay Deniz, the series was one of the most watched series of the summer months. So, has the trailer for 10th episode been released?

Çatı Katı Aşk (Penthouse Love) appeared in front of the audience with its 9th episode aired on Saturday, September 5, 2020. Kanal D screens' beloved series has managed to win the appreciation of viewers with both the subject and the cast since the first episode. Here are the details about the 10th episode trailer and episode summary .....

Episode 10 Çatı Katı Aşk
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What happen in the last episode?

The note and photo from the envelope sent by Asaf cornered Ayşen and Ateş. Ates is forced to make a decision between Asaf's threat and blackmail to go subjugate disged or stay to fight him. One morning, Asaf suddenly disappears, causing a great panic in the neighborhood and in the mansion. While everyone is worried about finding him, on the other hand they have to keep their eyes open against the new dangers from Asaf.

We have not been after Ates, Ayşen, Demir and Jasmine finally reach out to him. After a difficult process of persuasion, returning to the neighborhood, Ates's decision to live in the mansion shocks everyone. When Ateş and Jasmine return to the mansion, Demir and Jasmine's surprise to them causes their heroes to face the danger of Asaf.

Çatı Katı Aşk Episode 10 Trailer

The rapprochement between Jasmine and Demir has now become felt from good to good. They try to keep up with the situation they're in when they're trying to figure each other out. Ayşen and Ateş question each other during this time.

Yilmaz's family tries to solve the mysterious woman that suddenly appears. Emin and Gulriz, on the other hand, suffer from their wishes in the dusty pages of the past. Demir and Ayşen are shocked by the situation they encounterwhile all this is happening. Ates and Jasmine are together, and they're quite different from the way they're used to!

Çatı Katı Aşk Episode 10 Summary

Our heroes who are trapped in the mansion are cornered by the arrival of Asaf! While young people are looking for a way out of the mansion without seeing Asaf, Ayşen and Demir's absence mixes things up in the neighborhood. While this confusion has yet to be overcome, The return of Ates and Jasmine to the neighborhood adapted to their new lives, and Ayşen, who has just accepted her feelings for Ates, is thinking about him, while suggesting that Demir, who has a very jealous character, also encourages him to think about Jasmine.

While all this is happening, Jasmine, Ateş and Ayşen are in a hurry to prepare a surprise birthday party for Demir. Not only Demir at the birthday party that young people plan to spend time together, but our heroes encounter surprises they never planned.

Çatı Katı Aşk (Penthouse Love) Episode 10 is on Kanal D on Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 08 P.M.

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