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Oops! The King is in Love Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Oops! The King is in Love is the latest Chinese drama series which will air from June 15, 2020 on the iQiyi online drama streaming web channel.

This drama Comedy and Romance is the work of Huang Di Zhong Er Bing. The story is about the romance between eunuchs and imperial emperors such as the Korean drama "Love in the Moonlight".

For the players who starred in it are Ash Zhu Jian, Ma Meng Wei as the main player, then Xiong Yu Ting previously played in the Chinese drama My Love, Enlighten Me, Fu Wei Lun and Tan Xiao Fan.

Download and watch "Oops! The King is in Love " English Sub up to 24 episodes can directly use the iQiyi drama application or web.

Synopsis of Oops! The King is in Love

Yan Zhi Xia (Ma Meng Wei) is a daughter of a minister. But she chose to disguise herself as a young man so she could work and enter the palace.

One day, Yan Zhi Xia entered there, mistakenly became an Emperor's eunuch, she could not run from there. Until finally met with Emperor Yan Jin Ash Zhu Jian). A handsome man with a weird personality.

愿 我 如 星君 如月
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Yan Zhi Xia became her personal eunuch, causing their relationship to become close. But Yan Jin discovered the truth and knew her true identity for a long time. How does the next story end from them? Will the two fall in love?

Details Oops! The King is in Love

Title: Oops! The King is in Love /
愿 我 如 星君 如月 / Yuan Wo Ru Xing Jun Ru Yue
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Director: Ma Yun Yu
Producer: Zhao Brothers
Screenwriter: Huang Di Zhong Er Bing
Production: iQiyi, Beijing Jujiao Yinghua Cultural Media Co., Ltd.
TV channel: iQiyi
Number of Episodes: 24
Airing Period: June 15, 2020
Showtimes: Monday

Cast of Oops! The King is in Love

Ash Zhu Jian as Yan Jin
Ma Meng Wei as Yan Zhi Xia
Fu Wei Lun as Lin Yan Qing
Xiong Yu Ting as Gong Zhi Yue
Tan Xiao Fan as Princess An Le


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