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My Love, Enlighten Me is the latest Chinese drama genre Comedy and Romance that will be aired on WeTV from May 13, 2020, every Wednesday and Thursday at 7 P.M.

This drama is produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and tells the story of romance between a girl who is forced to leave her idol group and a visionary genius.

The drama, which will have a duration of 24 episodes, is also aired on Viki's web streaming and throughout the Tencent and WeTV networks on the same day. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of The Twin Flower Legend

A line of famous artists many who became players of this Mandarin drama. Eleanor Lee, who previously played in the movie The Enchanting Phantom, will compete with Leon Leong from the drama series "Another Me".

Synopsis of My Love, Enlighten Me

Nuan Nuan, played by Eleanor Lee, is 22 years old. She was forced to leave her girl group (idol group) because she failed in her debut.

Until finally Nuan Nuan started from living life from scratch and met with the visionary genius "super memory" Han Che played by Leon Leong.

My Love Enlighten Me Synopsis
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To complete the last wish of the grandmother, Han Che returned to China and did work called the "Reappearing Dunhuang" project. He started again with the clothing store clerk. Because of the talent Han Che possessed and the extraordinary hard work, he was quickly promoted to headquarters.

Meanwhile, Nuan Nuan is undergoing many tests. He struggled to get into the design department and all ways made it grow quickly.

Nuan Nuan gradually found a new direction in life. With his ability and experience in dressing, he is able to develop a collection of clothing for everyone.

He was determined to make all ordinary people more confident and beautiful with his designs.

Han Che together often experienced misunderstandings and challenges in their relationship. Over time, the two of them also radiated the warmth and romance of each other.

The two work together to combine the hit and trendy clothes with the culture of Dunhuang City. They work hard to display cultural wealth to the world.

They both also live under one roof. Then how about the end of the story of the love journey of romance Nuan Nuan and Han Che later? Read Also Synopsis And Cast of My Dear Destiny

Details of My Love, Enlighten Me

Title: My Love, Enlighten Me / 暖暖 请多 指教 / Nuan Nuan Qing Duo Zhi Jiao/
暖暖 , 请多 指教 / My Love, Enlighten Me
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Director: Wang Yan
Producer: Fang Fang, Zhao Wen Yi
Writer: Ma Bo Yong
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Croton Media
TV station: WeTV
Number of Episodes: 24
Airing Period: May 13 2020 - June 18 2020
Showtimes: Every Wednesday and Thursday at 19:00

Cast of My Love Enlighten Me

Eleanor Lee as Nuan Nuan
The diligent and intelligent girl was forced to leave the women's group and eventually become an excellent costume designer.

Leon Leong as Han Che
The genius visionary of "hypermemory disorder", clean and self-discipline.

Tim Pei as Fang Han Chen
22-year-old Liu Nuannuan was forced to leave the women’s group and stumbled into society from scratch.

Xiong Yu Ting as Han Xue
Li Ming Jun as Gu Li
Tracey Zang as Guo Guo


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