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The Twin Flower Legend (木槿花西月锦绣): Chinese Drama

The Twin Flower Legend (木槿花西月锦绣) is a Chinese drama Historical and Romance genre produced by Alibaba Pictures which will air from May 15, 2020 on the Youku television channel.

This drama was worked on by director Ng Gam Yuen from the Mandarin series "Princess Agents". He also worked with the drama series series "Sword Dynasty".

Starring newcomer artist Mao Xiao Hui and becoming her first debut. She is also rumored to be playing in "New Return of the Condor Heroes". Besides Her, this drama also presents Yu Xiao Tong, Kenny Kwan and Jie Xuan.

The drama, which will have 60 episodes, was adapted from a novel of the same name by Grace Xue and for the shooting was mostly done at Hengdian World Studios.

Synopsis of The Twin Flower Legend

The Twin Flower Legend (木槿花西月锦绣) tells about a pair of twins in a story starting with first love, touching separation, friendship to true love without any regrets at all. Hua Mujin, played by Mao Xiao Hui, grew up in a chaotic era between five dynasties and ten countries.

When she was young, she and her twin brother Hua Jinxiu, played by Jie Xuan, were sold as slaves to the strong Yuang family. They were both sent there with three other children, namely Yu Feiyan (Zhang Yi Long), Song Minglei (Chen Zheng Yang), Yao Biying (Yang Yi). The five people swear to each other to look after each other. They form bonds of siblings. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of My Love Enlighten Me

The Twin Flower Legend
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Hua Mu Jin was willing to devote himself with hard work to develop in their new environment. He wants to build a better future for his brothers. With intelligence and science techniques inherited from his father from the book "Shang Xun (商 训)", Hua Mu Jin helped his friends to survive dangerous situations.

He also helped the Yuan Family rise to its glory and defeat others. In the end, with Hua Mu Jin's intelligence can also defeat the Yuan family. Throughout his life journey, he was accompanied by four men with extraordinary talents and positions who had colorful lives that greatly affected Hua Hua Jin's life.

They are Song Minglei considered their older brothers. Then Yuan Fei Jue is kind, pure-hearted and full of love. The feminine Duan Yue Rong (Kenny Kwan) who has love in her life and Yuan Fei Bai (Yu Xiao Tong). Read Also Synopsis And Cast of My Dear Destiny

Details of The Twin Flower Legend

Title: The Twin Flower Legend 
Chinese Title: 长相守 (Look Together) or
木槿花西月锦绣; Mùjǐn huā xī yuè jǐnxiù;
长相守;Zhǎng xiàng shǒu; (It follows a pair of twin sisters)
Genre: Historical, Romance
Country: China
Director: Ng Gam Yuen
Producer: Li Xiao Wan
Author: Rao Jun
Production: ROSAT, Alibaba Pictures, Wuhan Fuxing
TV stations: Youku, Tencent Video, iQiyi
Number of Episodes: 60
Lenth of each episode: 45 minutes
Airing Period: May 15, 2020
Showtimes: Every Monday - Friday

Character Cast of The Twin Flower Legend

Mao Xiao Hui as Hua Mu Jin
The Miss Ming family staged an emotional entanglement with Yuan Feibai and Duan Yuerong. In order to save Yao Biying and other laborers in the labor room and Hou Ye, she bet that Xiao Wuyi will win the top three in the Wenwu Double Test, and after receiving Hou Ye’s permission, Hua Mujin will make suggestions for the few Wuyi and will The soldier's book left by her father gave it to his second brother Song Minglei, causing unpleasant flower splendidness, and the birth of the sisters. Hua Jin Xiu framed by Mrs. Lien was rescued by Sanfeizi Yuan Feibai and became the maidservant of Xifengyuan.

Yu Xiao Tong as Yuan Fei Bai / Sima Ju
The first of the four principal sons stepped on the snow son, the emperor of the second emperor of the great highland, and the master of the dark palace of Dongying in the Purple Tomb Palace. Hua Mu Jin and Qi Fang had a dispute. Fortunately, they were not rescued in vain. They were married by Hou Ye in an accident. After the marriage, Hua Jin Xiu and the original non-white are not deeply affectionate, but they are misunderstood because of Hua Mujin encounter. The relationship between the husband and wife is still a long road.

Chen Zheng Yang as Song Ming Lei
One of the four eldest sons. The second elder brother Wuyi, who was humble and gentle, only realized that there were good things in this world after he knew Hua Mujin. When he was a child, his family was persecuted. As a child, he was sent to the original family as an undercover. Since childhood, he had to hide himself, and he became more attentive. Aunt Ming Fengqing has been forcing him to take the road that he doesn't want to go. After marrying the second daughter of the original family, Yuan Feiyan. Arrived in Jingguan City to grab the power, unexpectedly Hua Mujin sang the empty city plan. Song Minglei left the Jiangzhou Army for fear.

Yang Yi as Yao Bi Ying
Nicknamed Muya, a member of Xiaowuyi, and later became the concubine and the queen mother of Degu. Kindness and perseverance, following Jie Kai Xuan wholeheartedly, the rewards for the hard work in Ziyuan will also be handed to the brothers and sisters. In order to save Yuan Feijue, she was stabbed and killed by her biological mother. Yao Biying is kind-hearted. Although she has been pushed by fate, framed or exploited all her life, she has never harmed others. Unfortunately, she never had time to hear the true confession of her loved one.

Jie Kai Xuan as Hua Jin Xiu
The sister of Hua Mujin is a Ming family, married Ronghua to Qingjiang as a concubine, gave birth to twins, and later became Queen Mother with the help of Fengding. The natural purple pupil is different from the sister's Xiuwaihuizhong. Hua Jin Xiu is stubborn and does not succumb to fate. It strives to get rid of the abyss that is step by step, and it takes a completely different path from the sister. Sima Yun, an older brother who likes to be non-white, later married Hou Ye. In order to be a son of her son, she and her sister Song Mulei, the second brother Song Minglei, turned against each other.

Tao Yi Xi as Hua Mu Jin Young
Kenny Kwan as Duan Yue Rong
Qiang Chuan as Yuan Fei Qing
Huang Jue as Qing Jiang
Yang Yu Ting as Madam Lian
Yuan Zi Yi as Yuan Fei Yan
Li Yan Ming as Qi Fang
Norman Chui as Dou Ying Hua
Lin Shen as Zhang Zhi Yan
Zhang Yi Long as Yu Fei Yan
Yuen Wah as Jingu Zhenren
Ma Da Bao as Yuan Fei Yun
Huang Hai Bing as Hua Bin
Jessica Hsuan as Madam Hua
Li Hao Bin as Yuan Feiyu
Han Fei Er as Yang Lu Shui
Catherina Yim as Empress Lian
Wang He Fan as Wang Hu
Liu Qi Wei as Zhang Da


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