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Trace (痕迹) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Trace (痕迹) is the latest Chinese drama genre Crime and Romance produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures, airing from June 15, 2020 every Monday to Wednesday at 08 P.M.

This Chinese drama presents handsome actor Jeremy Jones Xu who previously starred in the drama Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2. He will compete acting with artist Yao Di from the Chinese series "Sword Dynasty".

This drama has episodes up to 36 that were worked on by Liu Zhang Mu. Filming took place in the large city area of ​​Qingdao.

Besides being available on Tencent Video, you can download and watch "Trace (痕迹)" English Subtitles on the application and web streaming of WeTV online dramas for free.

Synopsis of Trace (痕迹)

Tells about a group of teams consisting of forensic science doctors, a criminal psychologist, IT experts working together to resolve crime cases.

Liao Yan (Jeremy Jones Xu) and Liang Mai Qi (Yao Di) are two experts in criminal investigations, both of them have also just returned from studying abroad.

Trace cast players
Image Via Daily Tv

They are working with the main crime division to solve many strange cases. Despite many terrible events that threatened their lives including all the teams, this group still struggled in every mission.

How does the next story end of the struggle of Liao Yan and Liang Mai Qi in solving their cases? Will these two people also have feelings for each other?

Detail of Trace (痕迹)

Title: Trace / 痕迹 / Hen Ji
Genre: Romance, Crime
Country: China
Director: Liu Zhang Mu
Producer: -
Screenwriter: Bi Qiang
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures
TV channel: Tencent Video, WeTV
Number of Episodes: 36
Display Period: 15 June - 22 July 2020
Showtimes: Monday - Wednesday, 08 P.M

Cast of Trace (痕迹)

Jeremy Jones Xu Zheng Xi as Liao Yan
Yao Di as Liang Mai Qi
Wang Xin as Jia Ding
Gao Yu Fei as Lu Xiao Tong
Zhang Jun Ran as Guo Ba
Xu Fang Zhou as Jiang Zi Nan


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