Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love) Synospis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Blutv announced its new Turkish series Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Loves).

After a successful project like Blutv, Alef, one of Turkey's successful digital platforms, this time announced the new series project in the style of romantic comedy. Starring Dilan Cicek Deniz and Burak Deniz, the series was announced in official accounts.

Yarım Kalan Aşklar Theme
The series will focus on the rebirth of Ozan, who died in a car accident, in another body. Starring Dilan Cicek Deniz and Burak Deniz. It is expected to be announced in the coming days who will take part in the series. The series will begin production work shortly and is expected to be broadcast on Blutv in the summer. Tims&B Production is produced by the series. Previously announced with Hande Erçel, the series after problems in the project stage dilan Cicek Deniz is said to have reached an agreement.

Blutv Introduced It Like This
The series was introduced with this post from blu tv's official Twitter account. The share included the following statements. Starring Burak Deniz and Dilan Cicek Deniz, the series tells the story of Ozan, who died as a result of a car accident and returned to the world in the body of a surprise person.

The countdown has begun for Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love) series. There will be a new series of excitements on Blu TV screens. The series  will be broadcast in 8 episodes. Tims&B Production, the producer of the unfinished Love, which is expected to be on screens in September 10, 2020.

Synopsis of Yarım Kalan Aşklar

The series will tell each other the story of lovers who had to leave even though they loved each other. Yarım Kalan Aşklar series will be a romantic comedy series.

Yarım Kalan Aşklar synopsis
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In the series, the idealistic journalist Ozan (Burak Deniz) is about to marry Elif (Dilan Cicek Deniz), a journalist like himself. Known for his daredevil journalism, Ozan is after a mysterious and difficult story. The happy picture in the life of the duo, who love each other insanely, ends with a terrible event: Ozan dies in a car accident. However, Ozan finds his lost life again in a new body. Ozan, who came back to life with another body, has two challenging tasks in front of her: to find out who killed him and to tell Elif all the facts.

All Episode of  Yarim Kalan Asklar

Episode 6   Episode 7   Episode 8   Episode 9   Episode 10

Production Team
Tims&B will be directed by Umur Turagay in the series of Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Loves), which will be filmed for Blutv. Umur Turagay has previously directed the series Until Death and The Place of Both of Us. Ethem Özışık, who previously wrote the series The Unfinished Love, will write; Hakan Bonomo and Ercan Ugur will also be part of the screenplay team that wrote the series Unfinished Loves Apartment.

Cast of Yarım Kalan Aşklar

Burak Deniz
Burak Deniz, who opened his life in Izmit on February 17, 1991, is 29 years old, studied Art History at The University of March 18, is one of the names that started acting with the series. The first series of the College Diary series both Furkan Andıc and Burak Deniz. Burak Deniz's main series was Medcezir series. At the time, he became famous in the legendary Medcezir series with his handsomeness and charisma, and the first leading experience of The Leave of Deniz was with the series Sweet Little Liars. Burak Deniz, one of the rare actors who holds all the projects he has taken part in, has managed to become a world star with his love does not understand and our story series. He is a lover of the actress, Büşra Develi.

Dilan Cicek Deniz
Born in Sivas in 1995, Dilan Cicek Deniz is 25 years of age. Dilan Cicek Deniz, who is famous for her bodrum high school series, is a registered beauty who is the winner of Miss Turkey in 2014. He is an actress in The Icon Talent Management And graduated from Ege University, Department of Comparative Literature. The beautiful actress, who appeared on the set of her first series with The Sweet Little Liars, later appeared in the series Girls of the Sun. Dilan Cicek Deniz was last featured as Sena in the first season of The Pit series and became a world-famous actress.

Cem Davran
Cem Davran was finally included in the series Kardes Cocuklari with adnan harmancı and was highly acclaimed. Now Cem Davran will appear in Blue TV's Unfinished Love. Born in Istanbul in 1964, Cem Davran is 56 years old. Although he had a theatre talent and his father was a theatre actor, Cem Davran first studied Electrical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University, but continued his acting education at Istanbul City Theatre. Cem Davran, who gained great fame with the 1998 Ruhsar series, is the star of an era and later stayed away from screens for a long time, and in 2018 he was the 8th star. He returned to the series of days, but did not achieve success.

Ali Atay
Ali Atay is full name Dursun Ali Atay and has a happy marriage to the beloved actress Hazal Kaya. Ali Atay, a graduate of Mimar Sinan State Conservatory, played leyla and mecnun for 3 years and was very popular. Ali Atay, who was born on April 20, 1976 in Rize, is 44 years old. In addition to acting, Ali Atay's last TV series was the 2015 series Happy Be Enough. In 2017, he appeared in the internet series Masum. He also appeared as Omer in the film Noah Hill, which has won many awards in many categories. Ali Atay has signed with the series Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love), which will again be an internet series; generally rejects offers from TV series.

Hande Erçel
Finally, Hande Erçel is one of the most beautiful female lead actors in Turkey, which will share the lead role with Kerem Bursin in The Play Door. Hande Erçel, who arrived at the duet on November 24, 1993, is 27 years old and is at the peak of her career. Hande Erçel, who was born and raised in Balikesir, was a graduate of Istanbul Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts and studied acting academically, as many celebrities were. He then went abroad many times and took hands-on camera acting classes in front of her.

Elchin Sangu
Elchin Sangu last appeared as Zeynep in the series Collision, but did not hold the series. Elçin Sangu was born in Izmir on August 13, 1985 and graduated from Mersin University. Elçin Sangu, who entered the sector as a model, attracted the attention of the producers and directed to acting. Elçin Sangu began acting with such a passing time series, then played kurt seyit and shura and sevdam alabora. Elchin Sangu's rise was with The Love for Rent series; He was very much loved for his portrayal of Defne, which he gave life to in the series.


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