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Love and Redemption (琉璃) is a new Chinese drama with the genres Wuxia, Fantasy, and Romance. This drama airs from August 6, 2020 on the Youku television channel. This drama presents famous Chinese actors and actresses. Love and Redemption stars are: Crystal Yuan, Cheng Yi, Liu Xue Yi, Zhang Yu Xi, and many more.

Famous actress Crystal Yuan has played in Ever Night: Season 1 and 2, and Listening Snow Tower. Zhang Yu Xi is also one of the talented artists who previously starred in the Chinese drama Intense Love, I Cannot Hug You, and Dear Prince. Meanwhile, actors Cheng Yi and Liu Xue Yi have worked together and appeared nicely in the Mandarin series The Lost Tomb 2. The Chinese drama Love and Redemption will have 59 episodes. Tilled by director Yin Tao, for the whole shooting was done at Hengdian World Studios shooting location.

Love and Redemption (琉璃) tells the story of Chu Xuanji, a girl born with "six senses" incomplete, and Yu Sifeng, a disciple of Lize Palace, who face the double pressure of love and previous conspiracy, and work together to face all kinds of blood and blood. Created a very colorful fairy tale story ....

Synopsis of Love and Redemption

The background story of an old legend. The god of war who saved heaven in the deadly battle against demons that took place 1000 years ago. Both of them descended from heaven and disappeared from this world. After thousands of years passed, suddenly Chu Xuanji (Crystal Yuan) was born and He was completely incompetent. Chu Xuan Ji was born as a baby without his six senses. But actually He is the reincarnation of the God of War. Chu Xuanji is friends with Yu Si Feng (Cheng Yi). She is the extraordinary head disciple of Liza Palace and falls in love with him. So it started a romance. 

Love and Redemption Chinese Drama
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A Martial Arts competition (Zanhua Tournament) is held annually in the Shaoyang Sect. The tournament was led by Chu Lei (He Zhonghua). The leader of the Shaoyang sect, Chu Lei has two daughters. They are Chu Linglong (Zhang Yu Xi), the eldest daughter who is smart and has abilities. Then the youngest Chu Xuanji, the figure of a girl who is lazy and not skilled in martial arts. 

One day, Xuanji was ordered to go to Ming Xia's cave and reflect on the accident that had happened when He broke into the closed and forbidden realm. There, he actually met the young master of Lize's palace named Yu Si Feng, who was also trapped there because of an accident. In the end, these two people form a friendship, even though at first there are often misunderstandings between them. Without Xuanji noticing, Yu Sifeng fell in love with him. But he had to face serious consequences because he was a disciple from the Li Ze Palace who had a rule not to fall in love. 

At the martial arts tournament venue, a conflict broke out between Ling Long and Wu Tong (Huang You Ming) who belonged to a righteous sect (before joining the demon tribe). Wu Tong wanted to take revenge, but accidentally injured Xuan Ji. Because of this, after recovering from his injuries, Xuan Ji vowed to improve his skills in his martial arts by cultivation and not become a burden to others anymore. Four years later, XuanJi's martial arts proficiency had greatly improved. He got the opportunity to go down the mountain to have new experiences. While helping to combat evil, Xuanji again met Yu Sifeng in a mask in the city of Lu Tai. He wears a mask because of a curse that only true love can break. 

Together with Si Feng, Xuanji also learned how to cooperate and build trust. She grew up to be an independent woman. Now, Wu Tong has been caught betraying the righteous sects and choosing to join the demon tribe to take over this world. This puts the whole world in danger. Xuan Ji cooperates with Si Feng to subdue the forces of evil and seek to restore world peace. Will the two of them be able to do that? What happens when the two find out about their past?

Detail of Love and Redemption

Title: Love and Redemption

Chinese Title: 琉璃 ( Liu Li )

Other Title: 琉璃 美人 煞 / Liu Li Mei Ren Sha (Liuli Beauty Evil)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy

Country: China

Director: Yin Tao

Producers: Zhong Jun Yan, Jiang Xin Guang, Deng Xi Bin, Weng Zhi Chao

Scriptwriter: Shi Si Lang, Liu Fang, Li Hui Min, Cheng Yu, Wang Wei

Production: H&R Century Pictures, Youku, Wanda Media, Innovation Media Power, Zhuo Jian Ji Jia

TV channel: Youku

Number of Episodes: 59 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Broadcast period: 6 August 2020 - 10 September 2020

Showtimes: Sunday - Wednesday, 20:00 CST

Cast of Love and Redemption

Crystal Yuan / Yuan Bing Yan as Chu Xuanji

Mou Zi Rou as Chu Xuanji (Young)

Cheng Yi as Yu Sifeng

Liu Xue Yi as Hao Chen (Emperor Lord Bai Lin)

Zhang Yu Xi as Chu Linglong

Lin Xi as Chu Linglong (Young)

Bai Shu as Teng She

Hou Meng Yao as Zi Hu

He Zhong Hua as Chu Lei

Zhang Yan Yan as He Danping

Min Chun Xiao as Chu Yinghong

Zhang Lei as Heng Yang Zhu

Rong Rong as Lv Yang Zhao

Yao Xing as Feng Yang

Yang Zi Jiang as He Yang

Cheng Rang as Pu Yang Li



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