Lovely Us (爱 可爱 的 我们) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Lovely Us (爱 可爱 的 我们) is a new Chinese web drama that elevates the genre School, Romance, and Friendship. The drama can be watched for free starting July 31, 2020 on the International iqiyi platform.

This Mandarin drama stars Marcus Li, Tian Xi Wei, You Hao Ran, Li Ying Ying, and Li Ming Yuan. In addition to Lovely Us, Marcus Li has starred in the drama Go Go Squid! and Fairyland Lovers. Tian Xi Wei previously played in The Song of Glory and My True Friend as supporting roles. This Chinese Drama will have 16 Episodes and VIP users can watch early.

The series tells the story about the dreams of growth and ambiguous feelings after five children born in the 90s from the Shude Faculty's Family Home entered high school in the summer of 2007. 

Synopsis of Lovely Us

The story begins in 2007 in the summer, one year before the Beijing Olympics begin. Four children from the Family Hospital with Shu De Staff attend middle school together. They welcomed the sixteenth year of their lives.
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The 16 year olds decided to form their own group and were given the name "No. 1992 ”. They start on a journey full of dreams, growing up and learning warmth.

The feeling of being connected to each other occurred between 5 people. They are Huang Chengzi (Tian Xi Wei), Tan Song (Marcus Li), Zhu Jinxiao (Li Ying Ying), and Chen Zui (Li Ming Yuan).

Detail of Lovely Us

Title: Lovely Us
Chinese Title: 爱 可爱 的 我们 (So Cute Us)
Genre: Youth, Romance, School
Country: China
Filming locations: Wuhan, Zhenjiang
Director: Mao De Shu
Chief Producer: Zhen Yongbo and Li Li
Producer: Cheng Xiaoyu 
Scriptwriter: Yang Liu
Production: iQIYI
TV channel: iQIYI
Number of Episodes: 16 Episodes
Broadcast period: 31 July 2020 - 7 August 2020
Showtimes: Every Friday, 12:00 CST

Cast of Lovely Us

Marcus Li / Li Ming De as Tan Song
Tian Xi Wei as Huang Cheng Zi
Li Ying Ying as Zhu Jin Xiao
You Hao Ran as He Jin Zhao
Li Ming Yuan as Chen Zui
Li Xing as Tan Ou Yang
Zhao Qian as Cheng Hong Xia
Ma Shu Liang as Tan Huai Min
Xie Xing Yang as Liu Gao Xu
Chang Hua Sen as Zhi Ri Sheng
Zhang Lei as Huang Zhen Wu
Zhao Yan Song as Tan De Wu
Liu Yu Hang as Yao Hao Nan
Li Jia Wei as Zhu Lan
Wang Zheng Quan as He Wen Zhong
Zhan Ya Shu as Shen Wen Jun
Wu Ren Yuan as Chen Song

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