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Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) series will be on Star Tv on Monday, October 5, 2020 with its 22nd new episode. In the new episode trailer "It burns without you, without it kills..."

The son of a poor half-back, Sancar is loved by Nare, Sefirin Kızı who came to Bodrum on holiday when she was a child. These two opposite people love each other very much, fighting for years for their love. Finally, the girl runs away to the boy, but just the night they get back, Nare just disappears. No one will see her again .....

Sefirin Kızı series, which met with followers on the first day of the week, came to the screens this evening with the 21st episode. In the last episode, Elvan learned from Nare that Yahya was innocent and went to apologize to Yahya, who was staying at Nare's house. But at the same time, Yahya has a guest; Dudu! Here are 22nd episode trailer and episode summary of Sefirin Kızı ....

sefirin kizi episode 22
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What happen in the last episode?

Unable to bear the end of the century-old friendship between Efeoğlu and her Illuminated families because of her, Nare opposes the cards gediz distributes and decides to hand out her own cards as a gambler's daughter. This plan puts stones in the way of Gediz, who has decided to buy back all the shares he shares with Sancar, even the mansion. Sancar,on the other hand, has a surprise decision that no one has ever seen.

Menekse tries to hide her miscamed from Sancar and the host people because she knows she will be thrown out of the mansion as the moment they learn. But that's almost impossible. Menekse needs a new plan. Elvan learns from Nare that Yahya is innocent and goes to apologize to Yahya, who is staying at Nare's house. But at the same time, Yahya has a guest; Dudu!

As Sancar approaches Kahraman and Akin step by step, he establishes the game he will play to gain custody of Melek in the custody case. The hero, on the other hand, tries to figure out if Yahya and Sancar are really enemies with the information he secretly receives from the mansion.

While all this is going on, the tension between the two lovers increases day by day. On the one hand, the custody battle, on the one hand, the increasing jealousy of the day, will make both Sancar and Nare do things they never, ever expect!

Sefirin Kızı Episode 22 Trailer

Sefirin Kızı Episode 22 Summary

Nare and Sancar's battles over their daughter start very hard. Sancar does not use Nare's crazy report in the custody case. But she shows it to the right, hits the left, and succeeds in getting temporary custody of Melek with a much more painful bullet.

Nare decides to play hard-on and goes to Gediz to ask for help with custody. But Sancar also has a surprise for Gediz as his first adversity move, and this surprise hits Gediz from her weakest place. Gediz responds to this very painful move, but her response will jeopardize Sancar's game against Kahraman along with Yahya.

When Halise testifies in court that Violet is a bad stepmother, Sancar suspects what happened in the past. Elvan's responses cause Sancar, who married for the son, to decide to divorce the son. Now it's time for Nare's forgiveness for everything.

Sefirin Kızı Episode 5 Released on Monday, October 5 at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter)

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