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What's the synopsis of Sefirin Kızı? Who's in the cast? Here's the plot story, the players and the character ot the series!

Star TV aired on Sefirin Kızı came to the screen last night with the episode. The series, which attracts attention with both the subject and the cast, is playing the top spot in the ratings. The series focuses on Nare and Sancar's legendary love. Directed by Emre Kabakuşak and written by Ayse Ferda Eryılmaz, the series received full points from the audience with its first episode. So what are the synopsis and actors-actresses of the series? Here are the detail!

Sefirin Kızı continues to appear with new episodes of the series. Both the actors and the subject of the series that attracts attention is shot at home and abroad. As soon as the series begins, the subject of the Sefirin Girl series and what are the actors?'' is being asked to answer the question. The story of the series about Sancar, the son of a poor half,who came on holiday to Bodrum when he was a child, and Nare, the daughter of an ambassador, attracts attention.

An extraordinary story will be discussed in the series, which will bring Together Neslihan Atagül Doğulu and Engin Akyurek in the same project. Here are the characters that will be portrayed by the cast of Sefirin Kızı and the names in the cast...

Synopsis of Sefirin Kızı

Nare (Neslihan Atagül Doğulu) and the wealthy businessman Sancar (Engin Akyurek), who is mentioned in the region, tells the epic love stories. Emre Kabakuşak sits in the director's chair of Sefirin Kızı in Aegean, where an epic love story is told, while Ayse Ferda Eryılmaz and Sedef Nehir Erdem write the screenplay.

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Sancar, the son of a poor half, loves Nare, the daughter of an ambassador who came on holiday to Bodrum when he was a child. These two opposing children love each other very much, they struggle for years for their love. Eventually, the girl runs off to the boy, but the night they're reunited, Nare just disappears. No one's ever seen him again.

Some say he fell into the sea and died, some say the sapphire girl fled to Europe. And a lover tells them the song, and the daughter of the sapphire is a twilight bird. So Nare and Sancar's unhappy story becomes an epic. The daughter of the sefir, who disappeared on a wedding night, appears exactly nine years later on another wedding night. Moreover, this wedding is Sancar's wedding and brought her daughter.

Filming Location
The series is filmed in Bodrum and Istanbul. There were also shootings in Montenegro.

All Episode of Sefirin Kizi

Episode 51 Episode 52 Episode 53 Episode 54 Episode 55

Cast of Sefirin Kızı 

The son of a poor halfman who works in the olive groves of the Mayor; A peasant boy who's seen nothing but Mugla. He always loved Nare, always carried the pain of Nare's betrayal, hiding the peasant boy who was stabbed in the back in his heart all the time.

After Nare, he made ambition, became rich. He bought those olive groves where his father was a half,and now he lives in a mansion with his family. He even got married.

Sancar is an Efe. A man who surrounds the wrath, his anger and his love are great, and his joy and pain are high, and he is severed from the bosom of the people.

An ambassador's daughter. He was born in Iceland; He grew up in Norway, Japan, India, a citizen of eight languages. She always loved Sancar, always carried the pain of being fired by her, hiding the delicate fairy girl in his heart that the man he always loved didn't take care of.

After Sancar, she held on to her son, lived for him. She buried her pain in her heart and created an amazon from that delicate fairy girl. Nare is a warrior; She's a determined, very smart, upright woman who's doing what she's thinking about.

He's the son of one of Mugla's most established families. His father was mugla's much-loved mayor, and Gediz was a much-loved businessman and a partner of Sancar.

When Nare returned to Mugla with her child, she fell in love with him, but Sancar is her best friend! Gediz is a Joker. He's a fun guy, but when he's mad, he can burn the world down.

Sancar's brother, Elvan's husband, Halisefe's middle child. There's nothing wrong with someone else being something, and there's no shortage of being in the shadow of his brother, a man who loves cars and football, who's happy with his life.

For now, Yahya is both blind and deaf. When his eye opens, all the complexes he's accumulated will appear.

Sancar's newly wed wife. There was already a saga he had to fight; Now the hero of the saga is back in Nare. And she had a stepdaughter the night she got married! Menekse is a devil. But she looks like an angel to you, runs her ship.

Halisefe's first daughter-in-law is the wife of Sancar's brother Yahya. They took her from the village, a woman who saw her terribly later, but very cheerful; She's a very dandun, blunt woman.

Her mother-in-law, Gökkin, says Elvan, but Elvan loves her mother-in-law. Before her husband, she had already loved her mother-in-law, not Yahya's wife, but Halise Efe's daughter-in-law.

Sancar's youngest sister is Halisefe's only daughter. At the same time, the village's meczubu Kavruk Omer's secret love.

Zahra is a love bug. A girl whose face turned into a modern world, a head-on, cheerful, a foot crippled. Despite his injury, he is the face of Efeoğlu Mansion, which opens to the world and the light.

Eight-year-old daughters of Nare and Sancar. She saw the pain of her mother; She grew up early. She was raised very mature and very strong by Nare, but he always wondered about her father, who left her mother alone in this world. She is a warrior like her mother is on her way to becoming an Efe like her father.

Sancar's childhood friend and the village bard. When he does not read mania and does not sing the song, he works for Efeoğlu Mansion.

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July 5, 2020 at 7:42 AM Delete
Thanks for detailed synopsis. But I think pandemic leave really disturbed this series. I am not hoping that Uraz Kaygılaroğlu aka Gediz would be a part of 2nd season. I think they make the story fast and more interesting for the second season.
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February 20, 2021 at 6:39 PM Delete
The dramatic & epic love story between Nare and Sancar hits a hard rock and capsized in the second season. Especially after the departing of the starring role Nare (Neslihan Atagül) and at the same time the change of the writers at the 34th episode, the story virtually changed from head to foot. A new and fast infatuation has had a shocking effect on the viewers. Additionally, the new writers maintain a slower pace and the dramatically reduced action leading the series being "boring".

So briefly, it's an unfinished rare epic love story that unfortunately ends with a lot of headaches and heartaches as a completely new story begins. The series is continuing with new writers facing insurmountable challenges with the departure of not only Nare, but also Gediz (Uraz Kaygılaroğlu) and Boz. The episodes after 35th has nothing to do with the previous ones and the original story. Even the characters are totally changed and ruined.
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Yeah I totally agree they really needs season 3 with the return of nare just something for writers to think about
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Yeah I totally agree nare needs to return so much love for her daughter an just leave like that makes no sence tuba is pretty an a good actress but shes not the one for this story so writers it's just something for u guys to think about even if it has to be a season
4 an daughter meleke is 15