Episode 48 Sefirin Kızı: Trailer And Summary

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The new 48th episode trailer of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) has been released! What happen in the episode on April 12nd?

Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) new 48th episode trailer has been released. Mavi is in the hospital after her accident and her ex-husband watches her in a frenzy. When she tells her ex-husband that Sancar is in custody and that her fate is between her lips, Mavi laughs and replies, "I changed that fate." Sancar went to Mavi and told them they needed each other. Mavi's ex-husband and Sancar's former father-in-law plan to destroy Mavi and Sancar. 

Sedat was taken to hospital and is fighting for his life unaware of the Trust's plan. Trust darkens its eyes to turn the situation in its favor and take control of everything. And what they're doing to find Sancar is going to hurt other people.

Elvan is more embracing the choices he makes about his own life with Yahya's reaction. And with the great confrontation he will experience afterwards, he takes the burden of the past off his shoulders. Meanwhile, a suspicion that Bora planted in his mind will make him in another panic.

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With all hopes for Sancar fading, Mavi is ready to give up everything for Sancar's salvation. Both Sancar and Mavi will be on the verge of decisions that will lead to their own destruction because of the cendere they fall into. Here is 48th episode trailer and episode summary of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) ....

What happen in the last episode?

Sancar risks burning himself to save Kavruk, who is lost in his arms. As Kavruk goes back and forth between life and death, Sancar is also shaken by what happened to Mavi. Mavi's risk to save Sancar will break Sancar's heart and ignite another conflict.

While Zahra is experiencing the greatest pain of her life with the news from Kavruk, she decides to take a more decisive stance than ever before. While everyone but Halise is trying to be there for him, Sancar will be his biggest supporter in this regard. Halise, whose authority is disregarded, continues to be defeated as she tries to control all her children who lift her cauldrons. As she becomes an increasingly ruthless person, she will be thrown down a much more dangerous path. 

Sadat and Guven's re-established cooperation takes a powerful hit with Sancar's plan. That's why they're thinking of adding someone else who's inconceivable. Sadat, on the other hand, confronts the Trust with a plan that will make the devil jealous. In the mansion, there is a whole different excitement. The organization, where everyone comes together wishing that the bad days are behind them, will also reveal some secrets.

Sefirin Kızı Episode 48 Trailer

Sefirin Kızı Episode 48 Summary

When Mavi finds out she's pregnant, she finds herself in a big dilemma. Her past pains and fears won't let her hold on to the future and a new baby. On the other hand, the storm that broke out in the mansion due to Halise after the wedding will cause the whole layout of the mansion to change with Sancar's step.

Sadat and Güven work to ensure that no one remains open while they operate their new plans. Mavi burns in her own hell of indecision, unaware of this trap prepared against them. She knows that confronting Sancar about this will not be easy, but she will feel helpless in the face of the real Angel. Sancar, on the other hand, struggles to protect his loved ones, first with the facts he has learned about the marina and then with a news from his mother.

While Elvan has repeated frustrations with Bora, a woman he meets makes him question himself and change his perspective. Yahya, on the other hand, continues to strive for Elvan and makes initiatives that are not expected of him. With the sad news that comes out of the moment, both their worlds are about to change.

Halise sees that her efforts are inconclusive and ends up with Sadat and Guven. Mavi will find herself on the doorstep of the clinic by making a decision that will affect her relationship with Sancar and Melek.

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