Episode 34 Sefirin Kızı: Trailer And Summary

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The new 34th episode trailer of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) has been released!. What happen in the episode on December 28th?

Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter), each episode of Star TV was watched with a different excitement and appeared in front of the audience with its 24th new episode. The final episode of the beloved series was marked by nare's shake-up of the Sahara, which he knew as a friend, as Akin's brother. So has the trailer for the new 34th episode already been released?

Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter), starring Neslihan Atagül and Engin Akyürek, is appearing on Star TV with new episodes. The new episode of the series, which again brought excitement to its peak in its final episode, is eagerly awaited. The series left behind a thrilling episode with its 33rd new episode, and eyes were turned to the new episode trailer. Here is 34th episode trailer and episode summary of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) ....

sefirin kizi episode 34
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What happen in the last episode?

Without seeing Melek's baby, Sancar's hopes were pinned down, and the baby he had never heard of was lost, without even mourning him. Sancar has a hard time dealt with this fact, but it's the Angel who pulls him out of the void he's in. Angel and Nare surround Sancar with all their love.

Nare is shaken by the emergence of Akin's brother in the Sahara, which he knows as a friend, but as usual, he put himself aside and, despite their departure, is troubled by Sancar. Sancar sentences Violet and the Sahara and faces the Hero. This time, however, the Hero has a punishment for him; A punishment that the deeds cannot handle...

Gediz, on the other hand, regrets what he did to Sancar and finds himself in front of him again. Because Sancar has given the Sahara a punishment that the Sahara cannot bear! Gediz is thious to save the Sahara, which he clings to in these dark days, but eventually has to make a huge choice. The life of Sancar or the life of the Sahara?

Sefirin Kızı Episode 34 Trailer

Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) will be in our news as soon as the trailer for the 34th new episode is released...

Sefirin Kızı Episode 34 Summary

Gediz risked becoming a murderer for Sancar. Is she going to fix something between these two thlees, or is there nothing left to fix? Will Sancar forgive Gediz? And will Sahara, which Gediz sacrificed for Sancar's life, forgive Gediz?

On the other hand, Kahraman asked "Will you be the son of a free half-man from now on or will you be a criminal Sancar Efe?" Sancar's answer to the question is clear; "Mapus is Efe". Nare is answer, however, is clear; "Son of a free half."

Which one will win the battle of the two lovers?  Will this tying struggle with each other lead them to an end they never imagined?

Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) Episode 34 Released on Monday, December 28. Read Also All Episode of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter)

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