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Episode 35 Sefirin Kızı: Trailer And Summary

The new 35th episode trailer of Sefirin Kızı has been released! What happen in the episode on January 11th?


Has 35th episode trailer of Sefirin Kızı been released? The answer to his question is among the topics being questioned. Star TV's beloved series continues to make its mark on Monday evenings. Sefirin Kızı, which is at the top of the ratings, is in the last episode; Gediz risked becoming a murderer for Sancar. One wonders if the ice will melt among the smies. Fans began researching the 35th episode trailer. So, has the new 35th episode trailer been released? Here are detail ......

Sefirin Kızı 35th episode watch link is among the most questioned topics of recent hours. Sefirin Kızı, which is among the most watched series of Mondays, locks viewers per screen with its aired episode. It stars; The series, featuring Neslihan Atagül, Engin Akyürek and Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, appeared in front of viewers with its 34th episode lastnight. Here is 35th episode trailer and episode summary of Sefirin Kızı ......

Sefirin Kızı episode 35
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Sefirin Kızı Plot Story

The son of a poor half-man, Sancar is in love with Nare, the daughter of an ambassador who came to Bodrum on holiday when she was a child. These two opposing children love each other very much, fighting for years for their love. Eventually, the girl runs away to the boy, but just the night they're reunited, Nare suddenly disappears.

What happen in the last episode?

Melek's heart stops because of the sleeping pills violet put in her lemonade. Nare and Sancar are interlocked with their daughter's pain. As Nare holds her hands tightly at her bedside so her daughter doesn't fly away, Sancar goes to the mosque, begs God and dedicates an offering. If her daughter lives, she'll release Alacakush and her cub to fly away.

While trying to get Akin out, who is trapped inside the violet mansion, gulsiye is caught. The hero gets very angry with them for trying to kidnap children, but still makes a plan to save them.

However, this time the Hero was drawn into a very big trap set by Sancar. Testing with Melek's life, Sancar and Gediz take a break from their hostility for a day and return to their lawless days in the early years of their decency. The pain has united the ancient deeds for a day, and they will not stop until they rip out the hearts of those who stopped Melek's heart.

Sefirin Kızı Episode 35 Trailer

Sefirin Kızı Episode 35 Summary

Sancar chooses to stay instead of running no matter what, and he won't let anyone pay the price without charge. Nare, on the other hand, is determined to do everything in her power to get Sancar out of the way. Nare, who understands who pulled Sancar's strings, is driven to great desperation. Moreover, with the discovery of Akin's body, the issue of inheritance is a problem again, and Nare confronts her father. That's not all the games the Trust has built.

Halise's deteriorating health with the Konak crisis worries the entire Efeoğlu family. And what happened to Sancar inside would put fear in everyone's hearts, especially Nare. Nare knows Sancar has to get out of there at all costs. Gediz will help Nare with all his strength for the salvation of the right-hand man, who has never forgiven him. Will the two be willing to do whatever is necessary for Sancar's freedom? Will a miracle be possible for Sancar, who seems impossible to prove innocent and is on trial for life?

Sefirin Kizi Episode 35 released on Monday, January 11, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter)

1 comment for "Episode 35 Sefirin Kızı: Trailer And Summary"

  1. The dramatic & epic love story between Nare and Sancar hits a hard rock and capsized in the second season. Especially after the departing of the starring role Nare (Neslihan Atagül) and at the same time the change of the writers at the 34th episode, the story virtually changed from head to foot. A new and fast infatuation has had a shocking effect on the viewers. Additionally, the new writer's slower pace and the dramatically reduced action leading the series being described as "boring".

    So briefly, it's an unfinished rare epic love story that unfortunately ends with a lot of headaches and heartaches as a completely new story begins. All the story is ruined for the sake of the entrance of the new actress. All the characters changed upside down for the sake of the new woman. And a new different story started, which has no coherence with the first 35 episodes of the series. It was also stupid, and for dumb people briefly. An easy love story, which is not even a love story. It's not about Neslihan Atagül, it's about the new writer hoping to write her fantasies.
    The third season could have been called "The Great Deception". But whoever plotted it got what they deserved. Very very low ratings, the lowest watched series of the day, and a heavy backlash on social media.