Sefirin Kızı Episode 31: Trailer And Summary

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Has the new 31st episode trailer of Sefirin Kızı been relased? What happen in the episode on December 7th? 

Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter), which aired on Star TV, met with viewers with the 30th episode. What happened on the show this week, did the 31st episode trailer been released? Here are the details

Star TV's beloved series hit the screens with its 30th episode. The series, which is at the top of the ratings charts, has again locked its viewers per episode. Here is 31st episode trailer and episode summary of Sefirin Kızı (Ambassador's Daughter) ....

Sefirin Kızı episode 31
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What happen in the last episode?

The hero commits the murder of Loki, committed by the Sahara. And to keep Nare from calling the police, he explains Menekse and Loki's relationship. Sancar covers up the murder so that the father of his baby is not questioned. And when he pays loki's father for blood, Nare is infuriated. 

Sancar and Nare, who had waited their whole lives to be reunited, had their cultural differences the moment they thought they had been reunited. The scourge of honor, the short of life, the blood money, the engagement bug, the bridal bath... The reality of separate worlds separating many lovers has collapsed on Nare like a nightmare.

Sefirin Kızı Episode 31 Trailer 

Sefirin Kızı Episode 31 Summary

Gediz, who has been trying for months to find Akin's body and put Sancar in jail, must prevent Sancar's appearance because of her game. But there are two obstacles to overcome; Sahara and Kahraman.

Sancar, who sees the gap between him and Nare gradually opening up, prepares a surprise for Nare. The two of them go out to dinner together for the first time in their lives and try the deal. Will Sancar and Nare leave that dinner happy?

Is Nare really happy a day before their wedding, or is she playing the happiness game as she always does?

Sefirin Kızı Episode 31 released on Monday, December 7th. Read also All Episode of Sefirin Kızı

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