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Episode 3 Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager)

The new 3rd episode trailer of Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) has arrived! What happened in the last episode?

Barış Falay, Canan Ergüder, Fatih Artman, Ahsen Eroğlu, Deniz Can Aktaş and Ayşenil Shamlıoğlu, such as the staff of powerful players and fun story line up with the 2nd episode of Istanbul to work in the film industry as players and managers who come to work in the world of the world is given clues to the world. So what happen in the last episode?

Star TV screens new series appeared in front of the audience with the last 2nd episode this evening. In the last episode, Ego Agency is falling apart with the news of Nadir's death. The fate of the agency and the Tigris is between the two lips of Ceylan, Nadir is sole heir. Here is 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) ....

Menajerimi Ara Episode 3
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What happen in the last episode?

Ego Agency is devastated by the news of Nadir's death... Our managers have to face a serious problem without mourning Nadir's bosses and close friends; What about the future of the agency? The fate of the agency and the Tigris is now between the two lips of Nadir's sole heiress, Ceylan. Meanwhile, a crisis emerges on the set starring Baris and Beren. They have fought and Baris refuses to go on the set. Unfortunately, it's up to the Tigris to make peace between Beren and Baris.

Life in the agency has to continue as normal. Our managers will have to take over Nadir's clients. Feris, Nebahat Çehre and Cinar will work with Nükhet Duru. This duo, who haven't seen each other in many years, are confronted by a film project. While Kiraç tries to play an active role in the future of Ego Agency, Ceylan makes a decision that will change the fate of the entire agency.

The whole team meets at a memorial for Nadir. Meanwhile, a former player who is now facing oblivion takes all his ambition out of peace. Outraged, Baris throws himself to a place where he would never approve Feris's departure. Will the Tigris succeed in stopping Baris?

Menajerimi Ara Episode 3 Trailer

The new presentation of the series will be broadcast on Star TV screen, the audience is witnessing the story of Dicle (Ahsen Eroğlu), who has entered the world of managers. The new presentation gives tips from the world that Dicle, who came to Istanbul to work in the film industry, enters the world of actors and managers.

Menajerimi Ara Episode 3 Summary

Dicle goes after Baris to the warehouse where the fights are held. Meanwhile, Kirac realized that Dicle was taking his car and leaving. The whole team tries to reach Baris with Dicle. Unfortunately, this situation does not escape Ece's eyes. The woman who smells the good news goes after Baris. How do you think Baris will get out of all the trouble he's put in?

Meanwhile, Kiraç's actress Derya Baykal and Feris's actress Müjgan Ferhan Sensoy are offered to play the role of mother and daughter in a film. However, the situation will have unexpected challenges for both players.

Dicle must reach Cagatay Ulusoy very urgently. But no one knows where Cagatay is. Dicle goes after Cagatay like a detective. Meanwhile, Julius finally convinces Cinar to come into the game.

Kirac invites Dicle to the premiere of his favorite director. It's a gesture dicle never expected from his father. However, the premiere, unfortunately, does not go like Dicle's dreams.

Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) ReleaseD on Tuesday, September 8 at 20.00 with new 3rd episodes. Read Also All Episode of Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager)

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