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Here is about Menajerimi Ara (Call My Call My Manager) Synopsis, Cast, Release date, and Tv channel. Began in August 25, 2002, the casting of the series of adaptations from "Call My Agent", which will be prepared by production for the 2020 summer season. The name of the new summer series, which is expected to be broadcast on Star TV screens, has been finalized as Manajerimi Ara.

The cast of the series prepared by Ay Yapim for Star TV has also begun to be finalized. Filming for the series, which will be broadcast as Menajerimi Ara (Call My Call My Manager), will continue throughout the summer. Agreements have already been made with new players in corona pandemic. Canan Ergüder was last included in the series, which will be directed by Ali Bilgin. Canan Ergüder will play Feris. Fatih Artman will play as Cinar while Barış Falay will appear as Kıraç. The beautiful actress Ahsen Eroğlu will play the role of Dicle while Ayşenil Çamlıoğlu will play the character of Feride.

We learned that television channels, which have taken a break from filming due to the Corona virus, have begun preparations for the summer season and started casting selections for new series with application forms online. Ay Yapim, which has not performed a summer series for many years, decided to prepare for the summer season with an adapted series. Star TV, which has reached quite high ratings with its summer series, has reached quite high ratings last season with Erkenci Kus (Early Bird) and Benim Tatli Yalanim (My Sweet Lie) series have reached quite high ratings and wants to continue its success in the ratings with new summer series in the 2020 season.

Synopsis of Menajerimi Ara 

The four managers, Kıraç (Barış Falay), Feris (Canan Ergüder), Cinar (Fatih Artman) and Peride (Ayşenil Shamlıoğlu) of talent agency Ego, deal with difficult situations to manage every day and defend their business visions. They deftly combine art and work, but their private and professional lives sometimes clash.

Menajerimi Ara
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Managers and assistants take us behind the scenes of the wild world of famous players; where laughter, emotions, intrigue, frustration and tears collide all the time. Tigris (Ahsen Eroğlu), who entered this wild world for the first time, says that i am in the fight against personalities who are higher than their ego height, starting from the bottom.

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Cast of Menajerimi Ara

Canan Ergüder as Feris
Canan Ergüder born in Istanbul on July 15, 1977, he has previously appeared in many tv shows and films. The character Of The War of Roses (Gulfem) was the most successful series. Behzat Ç. as Galip. Canan Ergüder, who gave life to the character of "Savci Esra" in the series Seni Kalbime Gömdüm.

Barış Falay as Kıraç
Born in Edremit on April 9, 1972, Barış Falay will give life to the character of Kiraç. Barış Falay, who graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language and History, Department of Geography, Theatre, has appeared in many tv shows and films, although he is an actor of theatrical origin. Medcezir series, which aired especially on Star TV, Shattered and Show TV, also came to the forefront. The character of Ali as the pliers in the tv series Ezel was the peak of Barış Falay. 

Fatih Artman as Çınar
Born in Ankara on February 13, 1988, Fatih Artman graduated from Hacettepe University, State Conservatory Theatre Department, Department of Theatre, and later took part in projects such as Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara polisiyesi series. 

Ahsen Eroğlu as Dicle
Ahsen Eroğlu was born on October 27, 1994 in Tekirdag province. Ahsen Eroğlu, who graduated from Ege University School of Physical Education Sports, started acting in 2015 with his first series project, modern Habil Kabul, with his curiosity for acting. Ahsen Eroğlu, who later gave life to the character Angeli hatun in The Magnificent Century series, appeared in the cast of Anne in 2016 and starred as Duru. 

Ayşenil Çamlıoğlu as Peride
Ayse Nil Shamlıoğlu, who entered istanbul University's faculty of journalism and public relations in 1974, is a actress born in 1956, who has appeared in many tv shows and films. 

Deniz Can Aktaş
Deniz Can Aktaş was born in Istanbul in 1992. He has appeared in series films since 2015. Deniz Can Aktaş starred in the series films

Pinar Unsal as Leyla
Born in Izmir in 1980. She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language and History, Faculty of Geography, Department of Theatre, Department of Acting. Behind bars, she has appeared in Sessiz Gemiler, Al Yazmalım and Yurt series.

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June 12, 2021 at 8:34 PM Delete
Absolutely love this show I wait every week for the next episode. I wish it was on Netflix here in Australia but I’m watching it on YouTube. Love the characters and the relationships especially Digle and Baris. And Jada plays an excellent villain, you can’t help hating her and her games to get rid of Digle, hope it all backfired on her. Special treats are the various Turkish actors and actresses appearances.