Episode 34 Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager): Trailer And Summary

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The trailer for episode 34 of Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) has been released. What's going to happen in this week's new episode? The series released on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at Star Tv screen ....

Call My Manager Star met with the audience on TV screens. It is notable for its highly acclaimed series subject matter. After what happened in the last episode, the new episode became even more curious. Call my agent, 34. Has the episode trailer been released? Call My Manager Episode 33 watch uninterrupted!

Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) series, which started on Star TV screens, was appreciated by the audience. Who are the cast of the series while their successful acting performances are acclaimed in the film, which is notable for its subject matter? 

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Menajerimi Ara Character Cast

Kıraç Özdal (Barış Falay) is Dicle' father, but he tries to keep it secret from everyone, including his wife, Mayda. 

Feris Dikmen (Canan Ergüder): One of the managers of ego talent agency. He's a confident, tough personality. He's the boss of Dicle. 

Cinar Bilgin (Fatih Artman): One of the managers of ego talent agency. It has an emotional structure. This sentimentality is reflected in business relationships and tends to approach their clients as friends. 

Serkan Tahtaci (Serhat Teoman): Former Ego agency manager who returned home from the United States. He owns the Berlin Agency. They can't get along with Kiraç. He then bought Ego Agency from Mayda's father and decided to merge the two agencies. 

Dicle Ertem (Ahsen Eroglu): Feris' assistant. A girl who grew up in Antalya and was not attracted to her father. She can't forgive her mother and her father for leaving her, but she comes to Istanbul and tries to prove herself to him by starting working for Ego agency. She'll be a manager later. 

Barış Havas (Deniz Can Aktaş): One of the players feris manages. It's a new skill. 

Peride Sener (Aysenil Shamlıoglu): One of the managers of ego talent agency. He is the most experienced of the managers and usually manages players from Yesilçam. 

Emrah (Semi Sırtıkkızıl): Cinar's assistant. She's cheerful and gossipy. 

Gülin (Gamze Karaduman): Kiraç's assistant. He's very loyal to Kiraç, and he sees nothing but his eyes. 

Jülide (Nazlı Senem Ünal): Secretary of Ego Agency. He also has a dream of acting. 

Mayda (Asli Mavitan): Kiraç's wife. The agency's boss before Serkan after Ceylan. 

Beren (Yaprak Medine): Mayda's daughter. Leyla (Pinar Unsal): Mother of Dicle. Meral (Buse Sinem Iren): Childhood friend of Dicle. Bekir (Bedir Bedir): The teamaker of the Agency. Aydin (Ideal Beran Kotan): Brother of Baris. Ece (Duygu Sen): Magazine reporter.

What happen in the last episode?

While Dicle is concerned that the film, which will be played by Barış, will be shot in Belgrade, Kıraç acts on the idea that Ceyda is behind this issue. Baris and Dicle are tested with the possibility of being separated this time. Ceyhun, a director affiliated with Kıraç, wants to work with Feris' actor Ayça Varlıer in the upcoming internet series. While managers struggle to realize this project, which is very important for Ego Agency, things get complicated when some secrets from the past come out. 

What happened will be a great lesson for everyone. As Ceyda is about to strike another blow to Kiraç, she faces an unexpected outcome. Emrah's experience on the subway is one of the turning points in her life. Serkan overcomes the obstacles in front of him and makes a surprise marriage proposal to Feris. While Feris's answer is a matter of curiosity, the truth that Dicle will learn puts her in a very difficult position.

Menajerimi Ara Episode 34 Trailer

Menajerimi Ara Episode 34 Summary

Unaware of everything, Feris dreams of marriage; Serkan learns that Melissa has given up on divorce. Dicle is uncertain whether to tell Feris the truth. Cinar's Spanish actor Jose arrives in Istanbul for a commercial shoot. Jose, who put Cinar in a difficult position from the first moment he arrived, gets confused when he disappears. The entire agency mobilizes to find Jose. There is a surprise development regarding the film that Baris will play. Kıraç tries to solve the crisis in which his player Ceren is in while trying to uncover Ceyda's games. Ayla's surprise move on Dicle surprises everyone. As Serkan tries to find a solution as soon as possible without upsetting Feris, Ceyda's intervention complicates everything. Feris's confrontation with Melissa is a matter of curiosity.

Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) Episode 34 released on Sunday April 18, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager)

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