Episode 36 Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager): Trailer And Summary

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The trailer for episode 36 of Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) has been released. What's going to happen in this week's new episode? The series released on Sunday, May 2, 2021 at Star Tv screen ....

Menajerimi Ara the new episode trailer has been released. In the trailer released; Baris goes to the agency with flowers in hand and welcomes to Dicle. In his meeting with all the managers, Ceyda shocked everyone by saying that she had given until the end of the month and that managers who did not meet the performance quota would leave. While Dicle has problems with the person she works with, Ceyda says she's in a seat she doesn't deserve, but she's got Kiraç in between. While the ropes between Ceyda and Kıraç are stretched, Dicle takes refuge in Baris. 

The new episode trailer, which has made a name for itself with its bombshell introductions and cast, has already received great acclaim from the audience. The modern love story in the trailer for Episode 36 took full marks from the audience and struck the hearts of those at the screen. In the end episode of the Star Tv's hit series, a new era begins in Dicle' life. Here's the trailer and summary for episode 36 of Menajerimi Ara.

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What happen in the end episode?

After serkan's marriage proposal was swept off his feet, Feris accepted the offer from America for 6 months after facing the fact that Serkan could not divorce and was replaced by Dicle. With Feris gone, a whole new era begins for Dicle. Ceyda, who took over the agency in an unexpected move, signals from the very first moment that she will root out all managers. 

Tensions arise between Dicle, which is full of setbacks as opposed to what she expected on the first day of her new life, and Baris, who does not want his partner in the project he will take part in. Cinar's words to prepare Arzu for the test shoot got her and Arzu in trouble, while Kiraç's experiences at a dinner with his actor Devin Özgün, Cinar shocked him. Peride, on the other hand, sets out to find the child actor she worked years ago in order not to miss the high-budget advertising campaign

Menajerimi Ara Episode 36 Trailer 

Menajerimi Ara Episode 36 Summary

Following Cinar's method acting advice, Arzu, who is preparing for a character with kleptomania, has an unexpected event. Arzu, who steals to understand exactly how the character feels, rushes to her aid as she and Cinar fall into custody. As a result of the video of her running away from the cops, Arzu gets the part and goes on set for the first time. Cinar comes to the aid of Arzu, who is oblivious to the set rules and manners. 

Baris's anger towards Irem, who agreed to work with her, is revealed. Baris, who cannot forgive Irem for his past experiences, is very disturbed by the convergence of Irem and Dicle. Peride, who went after Cüneyt, the child actor she worked with many years ago, is happy to set up a new project for her years later, while the big secret that Cüneyt keeps from Peride will endanger the life of the veteran player. The fight between Bâlâ Atabek and Burcu Altin exploded, which is in the same play, Dicle and Kıraç against each other once again. As a result of the altercation between the two, Kıraç hit Dicle in the face about what he had done to keep Dicle in the agency; Dicle is devastated to learn that Kiraç convinced Baris.

Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) Episode 36 released on Sunday May 9, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager)

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