Hercai Episode 41: Trailer And Summary

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Hercai new 41st episode trailer has been released! In the last episode; Hazar learn that Miran is his son.

Hercai locks the audience to the screens on Friday nights. In the 40th episode, excitement was at its peak again. Seeing the moment Azat was shot with his eyes, Reyyan can't make sense of Miran doing something like this. Here's what happened in the 40th final episode of Hercai and the new 41st episode trailer and episode summary .....

What happen in the last episode?

As hostility between the two families grew with the shooting of Azat, Aslan, who appeared mysteriously, took the blame and caused Azize a great panic. With the arrival of her only undiscrimined grandson, Azize, whose plans have been disrupted, seeks ways to send her back. Reyyan, who saw the moment Azat was shot with his eyes, is in shock. She can't make sense of Miran doing something like this just as they're about to go away. Until she talked to him.

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It won't be long before he learns the truth and is with Miran, but this time his exams are much bigger. Because the whole family, including Hazar, agrees that this marriage must end immediately. After all this, will Reyyan take his family in front of him and go with Miran? Or is it the enemy?

Hercai Episode 41 trailer: Maybe this is your last chance!

Hercai Episode 41 Summary: 

Hazar, who caught Reyyan and Miran together, could not control his anger and pressed the trigger. Although his intention was not to harm Miran, Reyyan understood the seriousness of her father and was disappointed in making her father believe in Miran. Reyyan, who had to sign the divorce papers after Nasuh's forced to sign the divorce papers, makes an unexpected move on the day of the court to prevent this divorce. 

On the other hand, when Aslan learns that his grandmother offered peace to the Shadogul to send him back, the Sultan delivers the letter Zehra kept to Aslan, while planning his next step. Saying that he came to provide justice, Aslan will tell Miran that he is the son of Hazar? Or will he prefer his feelings to justice?

Hercai Episode 41 released on October 2nd. Read Also All Episode of Hercai: Turkish Drama

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