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Hercai Synopsis and Cast: Turkish Drama

Some things are curious about hercai, the popular tv series. There are too many fans of the show who tell the story of the impossible love born of revenge. Mert Altınışık was also included in the new 3rd season episodes of Hercai. So, what's the synopsis of the Hercai Series? Who are the players?

Although Hercai recently began broadcasting, the series managed to make millions of fans. Hercai, who attracts the attention of the audience with its subject matter and cast, wonders where it is being shot. Hercai series, which is told "the story of an impossible love born of revenge", has its first major experiences in the leading roles. So where's the Hercai show being shot? Who are the Hercai players, what's it about?

Hercai Series Release Date 

The series, which airs on ATV screens, airs every Friday between 08 P.M. and 11:30 P.M. 

Hercai series Production

Cemal Şan is currently in the director's chair of hercai series. As a producer, mia production is also produced. Although Eda Tezcan was the screenwriter in the first season, Berfu Ergenekon was replaced by screenwriter Eda Tezcan, who left Hercai. 

Synopsis of Hercai

As the subject of the popularly watched series Hercai, the story of an impossible love born of vengeance is told. Mardin Midyat district is a love story that is relatively born of revenge fire between two families with thousands of years of history and will take everyone by storm with their fire... 

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Miran Aslanbey, the only heir to the Aslanbey family, who came to Mardin Midyat as a businessman from Istanbul, will offer Nasuh Şadoğlu more than a partnership and wants his great-grandson Reyyan as his wife. However, Midyat's most powerful head of family, Nasuh Shadoğlu, has different plans for Miran, who he calls a very good fortune, unaware of anything. He will give her granddaughter Reyhan, but not the grandson he wants, Nasuh is unaware of Miran's plans as he tries to convince Miran of his plan. While the agreement between the two men is eagerly expected by both families, the news will profoundly affect the lives of the two young girls, Reyyan and Yaren. From the first part of Hercai, he will witness a great test with love at first sight.

Hercai Filming Location

Mardin Midyat, the city of civilizations, was also shot in the mansion where the series was filmed. The mansion, where hercai series is currently shot and attracts attention with its unique beauty, is also known as Midyat Guest House. Mardin, one of the cultural centers of the country, also started shooting the series in Midyat district of Mardin province, the ongoing shooting will be shot from time to time in other provinces. The bridge scenes in the series were filmed on the Malabadi bridge. 

Hercai Final Episode (Season 2)

In 2019, a 25-part contract was made for hercai series, which was reflected on ATV screens with the signature of Mia. Hercai series, which reached 15 total ratings last season, was released in Season 2. During the broadcast period, the ratings declined. The network and the production company are in a hurry. 

Broadcaster ATV and Mia are the 25th to have their ratings down since a 25-part contract was made between the production. In the episode, it is a matter of debate that he will say goodbye to the screens. The show's rending ratings figures are also 25. He's strengthening his claims that he's going to make a final in the episode. 

All Episode of Hercai

Episode 41 Episode 42 Episode 43 Episode 44 Episode 45

Episode 46 Episode 47 Episode 48 Episode 49 Episode 50

Episode 51 Episode 52 Episode 53 Episode 54 Episode 55

Episode 56 Episode 57 Episode 58 Episode 59 Episode 60

Episode 61 Episode 62 Episode 63 Episode 64 Episode 65

Episode 66 Episode 67 Episode 68 Episode 69 Episode 70

Cast of Hercai

Akın Akınözü as Miran Aslanbey

Ebru Şahin as Reyyan Şadoğlu

Gülçin Santırcıoğlu as Sultan Aslanbey

Macit Sonkan as Nasuh Şadoğlu

Oya Unustası as Gönül Aslanbey

İlay Erkök as Yaren Şadoğlu

Tansu Taşanlar as Azad Şadoğlu

Serhat Tutumluer as Hazar Şadoğlu

Ayda Aksel as Azize Aslanbey

Ebrar Demirbilek as Gül Şadoğlu

Gülçin Hatıhan as Handan Şadoğlu

Güneş Hayat as Esma

Feride Çetin as Reyyanın annesi Zehra

Serdar Özer as Cihan Şadoğlu

Aydan Burhan as Hanife

İnci Şen as Nigar

Aslı Samat as Melike

Cahit Gök as Fırat Demiralp

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  1. me and my wife used to watch the mexican soap operas for years until we stumbled upon Que Culpa tiene Famagul then now Hercai they blow the spanish novelas out of the water no thrash such as women half naked having affairs with others etc,etc,etc, people are tired of that to watch a holsum series such as these you cant wait until tommarow to find out what happens next its really great watching them keep them coming our way we love watching them