Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 48: Trailer And Summary

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The 48th episode of the popular tv series Hercai has been released. The trailer also had hints about the new episode. Here's that trailer...

The 48th episode of Hercai series, which meets its viewers every week on ATV screens on Friday evening, has been released. What will the audience expect in the new episode? Here are all the details about the new episode summary...

Hercai episode 48
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What happen in the last episode?

Despite everything, Reyyan and Miran, who roll up their sleeves to live their own lives, give up hope of Aslan as they try to get used to their new order, and decides to talk to Hazar and explain the whole truth about Miran. After his research, Hazar, who, in Mahfuz's words, are now sure that Miran is his own son and vows to end this revenge, go to confront Azize, but after an incident he witnessed at Aslanbey mansion, Hazar they remember will become well-knew to Azize. 

On the other hand, Miran, Aslan and Hazar blockaded by Azize's real shock died years ago, he knows that Füsun Aslanbey'ın bloody life in front of everyone Miran, Hazar's son lives by explaining the fact that.

Hercai Episode 48 Trailer: Miran learns he's not a real Aslanbey. 

Hercai Episode 48 Summary: I'm going to kill you.

The arrival of Füsun Aslanbey and Miran's announcement that his own father was Hazar; It creates a bomb effect on the life of both the Aslanbeyler and the Shadoğulları. While Miran cannot accept the fact that he is the father of Hazar, there continue to be cracked voices in Sedoglu. However, Reyyan, as usual, is with Miran and does not spare his support. 

Azize Aslanbey, who is thought to have shed all the stones at his skirt when the truth came out, is now more dangerous because he has nothing to lose and will ask for accountable for what Nasuh Shadoğlu had done to him in his time. However, Azize is unaware of the events that took place right under her nose as she pursued her own revenge. It is only a matter of time before Aslan's secret plans, which she does not share with even her best friend, cause a great tragedy. 

Will Miran be the obstacle to this tragedy as he tries to confront the truth that has confused his life? Or will Aslan leave a pain that will deeply shake both families? Miran will try to interfere with Aslan's plans to protect his loved ones while fighting for the secret that has shaken his life... ",

Atv's series Hercai, which hurts a stamp place on Friday evenings, will be on its 48th episode from 08 P.M. on Friday, November 20, 2020. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama Hercai

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