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Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 57: Trailer And Summary

The new 57th episode trailer of Hercai has been released! Is Miran Going to Die? What happen in the episode on January 31st?

Hercai series episode 57, which is about the love of Miran and Reyhan on atv and has a bone audience, is being investigated when the trailer for the 57th new episode is released. With the release of the last 56th episode, Hercai is wanted by viewers on platforms such as Watch The 57th episode trailer youtube. Here is the trailer for the 57th episode of Hercai, which will meet its audience on Sunday evening, January 31, 2021.


Will Akin Akinözu (Miran) Leave Hercai?

No official announcement has yet been made about the early final decision for the series Hercai, which was changed on the day of publication. Hercai, which has climbed to the top of the ratings results in recent episodes, is expected to end as early as April – May.

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What happen in the last episode?

Determined to avenge the past from Azize, Füsun was sharpened once again by Harun's shooting. She's holding Azize responsible for what happened and vowing to give her the biggest pain of her life. Meanwhile, Cihan builds a game against Azize to protect Yaren. Miran, who has tried every way to reach Dilshah, is making a very important decision for all of them. Reyyan, who wants the man she loves to be reunited with his mother more than anything, also supports Miran in this decision. Seeking to prevent Füsun, Azize reveals her life to protect Hazar and Miran, while Miran set out to grant Dilshah's only wish. But there's a bad surprise waiting for him.

Hercai Episode 57 Trailer 

Hercai Episode 57 Summary

'From now on, I will not forgive my loved ones at all!'

Miran can't get over himself after his accident, as soon as the interventions are inadequate, Reyyan steps in and causes a miracle with the strength she gets from her love. It's obvious that what happened wasn't just an accident. After learning, Reyyan stood before Füsun and asked for an account. While Azize is trying to make a decision about Füsun, Fusun is looking for a trace of her daughter. As Miran and Cihan go down an irreversible path, Yaren, who is getting a little worse every day, eventually can't stand it and confesses to Fusun. Dilshah, who is happy with Azra's arrival, is also afraid that Azize will take her away. That fear would make him make a huge mistake.

The 57th new episode of 'Hercai' will air on Sunday evening (January 31st).  Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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