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Is Turkish Drama ‘Hercai’ Ending? When is the Final Date? Is It All Finals in 2021? What happen in the final episode on April 24th?

Hercai, a series that has long been watched fondly by the audience, seems to be coming to an end. So when's Hercai going to make the final? When does the show make its finale? What episode will he be finalizing anyway? How many episodes does Hercai series on ATV make the finale? Here is the answer to the question that the audience is eagerly awaiting...

The series, starring Akin Akinözü and Ebru Sahin, is starring Gülçin Santircioglu, Güven Hokna, Ayda Aksel, Serdar Özer, Inci Sen, Servet Pandur and Cahit Gök. Signed by Mia Productions, produced by Banu Akdeniz, written by Eda Tezcan and directed by Cemal Şan and Barış Yöş, Hercai completes their adventure on screens.


Ahmet Tansu Taşlar (Azad), Oya Unustasi (Gonul), Serhat Tutumluer (Hazar) had said goodbye to the series in recent weeks in hercai series, which has been running for season 3 on ATV screens and is about the impossible love of Reyyan and Miran. On the way to the finale, it was learned that Aysegul Günay, a veteran actor who has been on the show since the beginning of the series, will also say goodbye to the series one episode before the finale.

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Why Hercai Series Make Finals?

The series, which had a good ratings during its two seasons, never achieved the desired success this season. The ratings loss rate rose rapidly, especially after it was moved to Sunday with the decision to change the day when it aired on Friday.

With the beginning of Redemption on Fox Tv, the series started to decrease in ratings and ended with the series Agency, which started on TRT 1 screens. The agency series topped the show on Sunday, while Hercai fell victim to ratings. Lately, the audience has been bored with the story. The 66th episode was likened to the Milky Way 5th dimension and the series was now ridiculed.


When Will Hercai Series Make Finals?

The final date of hercai series has been set. The final is three episodes away. Hercai is saying goodbye to sunday, April 25, with episode 69 completing their on-screen adventure.

Hercai Final 69th Episode Summary:

Reyyan and Miran try to regroup the family, which has been disbanded by the chaos created by Yaren. Aziza, who goes away to protect her grandchildren, who are the trust of Hazar, finds someone she never expected. Reyyan begins a new project at Umut Foundation. The new project is the beginning of a journey of surprises for Reyyan and Miran, while a new door opens in the duo's life.   

What Happen In the end Episode

In the last episode of the series; With the kidnapping of Umut by Füsun's men, both Reyyan's and Miran's world was destroyed. Miran is determined, makes a promise to the woman he loves; He will find his son at whatever cost and bring him home. 

For this purpose, he confronts Füsun and asks what he wants. Füsun is puzzled by Miran's deal offer. He asks him to do something very difficult to fulfill. Miran agrees without thinking. However, this time, the obstacle to meeting her son is her grandmother. Azize has set her mind to take Umut in her own way. Who is the surprise name that helped Miran? What will be the fate of Füsun? Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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April 23, 2021 at 2:22 AM Delete
I would have love episode 69 to be about Miran and Reyyan leaving baby Umut at home and finally having a beautiful holiday together they both deserved.I read that episode 69 is disappointing .They should have ask fans what they would like to see
In the final episode of their favourite series Hercai.And maybe it would have been better..But I will still miss Hercai it's the best series I have ever watched because of the chemistry both Ebru and Akin has .I watched Hercai because of them.