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Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 66: Trailer And Summary

The new 66th episode trailer of Hercai has been released! In the last episode; Dilshah Points a Gun at Reyyan... What happen in the episode on April 4th?

In the last episode; Reyyan can't do any thing when she's in the hospital about to have her baby removed, and she gives up. Miran, meanwhile, comes up to Reyyan and he cries and says, "I couldn't do it," and Miran happily hugs Reyyan in shock and blows him kisses. Miran brings Reyyan home and tells everyone the good news. 

When everyone is very happy, Dilshah is very disturbed by this situation and tells Reyyan that he will die and that his child will call someone else a mother. Upon hearing this, Miran tells his mother that he is going to the clinic, while his mother picks up the gun and points it at Reyyan. Here is 66th episode trailer and episode summary of Turkish Drama 'Hercai' ...

hercai episode 66
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What happen in the last episode?

Reyyan and Miran, who opened the doors of a miracle with the doctor's last-minute news, go to Istanbul for treatment. In addition to Zahra, who entrusted her little girls to Hazar and went to Istanbul with them, Zahra is with Firat and Zeynep. Meanwhile, upon learning that it was Fusun who made Reyyan sick, he ended up at aslanbey mansion to be held accountable. Aziza, who grows up at the last moment, tries to stop her son. A deep sense of hatred engulfed Fusun, who saw the two of them become mother and son after all that had happened.

Hercai Episode 66 Trailer

Hercai Episode 66 Summary

My father's been murdered, and I'm going to make him pay!

A new and difficult process awaits the Shadogleri, who are devastated by the news they have received. Miran feels in a great predicament and struggles to get out of this situation. The support comes from someone he never expected. As the ropes between Nasuh and Aziza are tightened again, Cihan acts with his decision. While Zahra tries to stay strong for her children and Umut, Miran, who investigates the truth, takes a word from her grandmother. Whose bullet was Hazar shot? Will Reyyan live?

Hercai Episode 66 released on Sunday April 4, 2021 at 08 P.M. on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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