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Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 53: Trailer And Summary

The new 53rd episode trailer of Hercai has been released! What happen in the episode on December 25th?

Hercai aired on ATV screens with its 52nd final episode. One wonders what will happen in the new episode of the series, starring Akin Akinözu, Ebru Şahin, Gülçin Santarcığlu and Serhat Tutumluer. So, has the new 53rd episode trailer been released? Here are detail ....

New episodes of Hercai air every Friday evening on ATV. In the last episode of the series; The battle between Azize and Füsun continues at full speed. Azize, who lost Dilshah to Füsun, which she hid all these years, does not stand idle while she searches for ways to get him back and continues to have all kinds of troubles for Azize. Here is 53rd episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ...

hercai episode 53
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What happen in the last episode?

Reyyan, who was sick because of the dessert she ate thinking it was from her father, fainted in front of Azize, who came to see if she was all right. Azize goes into a struggle alone to help Reyyan and the baby in her belly.

Reyyan was poisoned by Füsun. The condition of the baby and Reyyan is unclear. Meanwhile, Azize warns Shadogulls and says that it was Füsun who harmed Reyyan, and that he was trying to save Reyyan by secretly meeting Nasuh and telling him the truth. Nasuh believed Azize's words, but Reyyan remembers nothing about it. Azize then asked Nasuh to meet her with Reyyan.

Miran goes after his wife, thinking Azize is solely responsible for what happened to her. However, Azize disappeared as if he had disappeared. Everyone but Nasuh thinks he escaped because it was revealed that he poisoned Reyyan. However, a last-minute development shocks everyone and makes them stop looking for Azize.

Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 53 Trailer

Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 53 Summary: Miran's life is in danger...

Miran's detention came as a shock to the Shadogulls. While Reyyan is shaken by the sadness of her lost baby, she is worried about not being heard from Miran. Miran tries to get out of his situation. Meanwhile, someone he never expected will help him. Miran, who is curious about his secret enemy and wants to take precautions to protect Reyyan, follows the trail, and his predictions will lead him back to Saint Aslanbey. 

But this time, it's because of someone else. He has an enemy of his own blood and his life. Azize, who is trying to get out of her situation, has only one request, to be able to return what she took from her son to her. At first, He goes to talk to Mahfuz, trying to find out the truth about Dilshah; Füsun Aslanbey. However, a big surprise is waiting for him from the end of the interview. What will Cihan do when he learns the truth of Azize and Nasuh? Will Miran be able to keep his promise to Reyyan?

ATV's beloved series Hercai episode 53 meets the audience on Friday evenings on December 25th. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama Hercai

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