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Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 67: Trailer And Summary

The new 67th episode trailer of Hercai has been released! In the last episode; Miran feels in a great predicament and struggles to get out from bad situation. What happen in the episode on April 11st?

Watch the 67th episode trailer of Hercai. The highly anticipated episode of Hercai 66,which will be released on Sundays, has been released. Hercai, one of the ATV channel's series that has locked viewers to the top of the television screen for three years and ranks high in the ratings results rankings, was released on YouTube. Watch the trailer for episode 67 of Hercai, which will be screened on Sunday, April 11, 2021 with a new episode.

Hercai, one of the atv channel's most rated programs, was followed again with great curiosity and interest by its fans. Hercai series, which has locked millions of people in the heads of television screens, has achieved an eye-catching success in the ratings figures this Sunday. 28 March Hercai trailer watch ATV introduction. Fans of the show began to wonder what would happen next after the new episode, which sparked a storm of excitement. Watch the trailer for episode 65, Youtube information. He's going to make every final? When's he going to make the final anyway? Is the beloved series Hercai ending?

hercai episode 67
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Hercai, who met with viewers for the third season of this season on ATV channel, has an audience that follows the series by taking over the screens every Sunday without missing a single episode for 3 seasons. However, the ratings for hercai series have dropped somewhat in recent weeks. Hercai series, which has been smashing the ratings records of the day it came to screens for seasons, does not get the old ratings figures despite changing the day.

The new episode of Hercai, which airs tonight, is breathtaking as we're used to. Miran and Reyyan, as they are known, were expecting a baby. But because of Reyyan's illness, she would die if she had the baby. Reyyan never considered aborting the baby, as she would never have a child again if she aborted the baby, and she kept it from everyone at first. However, Reyyan had to tell Miran about it. Miran and Reyyan were delighted to hear that there might be a cure for this condition. Reyyan and Miran, who came to Istanbul from Mardin to be treated and welcome their babies, went into labor with high hopes, while complications during childbirth brought everyone's hearts to their mouths.

The new episode of Hercai, which airs last night, is breathtaking again. Reyyan's complication during childbirth, in the minds of onlookers, is Reyyan dead? he brought up the question. Hercai fans are eagerly awaiting what happens in the next episode. Fans of hercai series, who want to satisfy their curiosity a little bit, will be able to see the 67th season of Hercai.

What happen in the last episode?

My father's been murdered, and I'm going to make him pay! A new and difficult process awaits the Shadogleri, who are devastated by the news they have received. Miran feels in a great predicament and struggles to get out of this situation. The support comes from someone he never expected. As the ropes between Nasuh and Aziza are tightened again, Cihan acts with his decision. While Zahra tries to stay strong for her children and Umut, Miran, who investigates the truth, takes a word from her grandmother. Whose bullet was Hazar shot? Will Reyyan live?

Hercai Episode 67 Trailer 

Hercai Episode 67 Summary

"The world of both Reyyan and Miran was destroyed by the abduction of Umut by Fusun's men. Miran is determined, he makes a promise to the woman he loves; He'll find his son and bring him home, no matter what it takes. For this purpose, he confronts Fusun and asks what he wants. 

Fusun is surprised by Miran's offer of a deal. She asks him to do something very difficult to fulfill. Miran accepts without thinking. This time, however, the obstacle to reuniting with his son is his grandmother. Aziza is determined to take Umut in her own way. Who's the surprise name that helped Miran? What will be the fate of Fusun?"

Hercai Episode 67 released on Sunday April 11, 2021 at 08 P.M. on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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