Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 62: Trailer And Summary

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The new 62nd episode trailer of Hercai has been released! In the last episode; "How many miracles can Reyyan fit in a few months of life?"... What happen in the episode on March 7th?

Hercai, release a new 62nd episode trailer. Reyyan learns that her baby is a boy, but also signs that there is a big problem. Miran doesn't even want to think about a life without Reyyan, unaware of the truth. 

Reyyan and Miran's resentment of each other is over, and their love continues stronger than ever. So much so that Miran decides to give Saint a chance at Reyyan's request. But he'll have a request. On the other hand, the gunfire heard on the farm causes Hazar and Nasuh to run to the farmhouse. The sight he sees in front of him will shock Hazar. Yaren's news stops Füsun, who is determined to kill him. Dilshah is taking missteps for fear of losing Azra. Meanwhile, in the life of Reyyan and Miran, a more important situation occurs than all that is going on.

hercai episode 62
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What happen in the last episode?

Reyyan has taken up arms for the work to be done after her difficult decision. Umut Shadoglu Foundation, which aims to make girls study, should come to life, problems within the family should be solved, hostilities should end. He should leave Hope as beautiful a world as he can... Miran, who has been dored by disagreements with the company, is feeling the unease with her wife and trying to find out why. 

Hazar, on the other hand, asked Azize to walk away. Azize has only one condition. Füsun is looking to regain Azra, while Dilshah is looking for ways to get rid of Reyyan. As the secrets come to light at the dinner for the foundation, a document found by Dilshah will leave Reyyan in a difficult position.

Hercai Episode 62 Trailer

Hercai Episode 62 Summary

Dilshah learned the truth that Reyyan had hidden from Miran and began to use the document as leverage for Reyyan. But Reyyan will not back down from his decision no matter what. But he wants to leave Umut with moments that won't make her forget herself. He realizes that they are lacking even the simplest happiness because of hostility and hatred. They don't even have a proper wedding picture to leave to their son. 

Unaware of this important decision made by the woman he loves, Miran moves to ensure that his son and his wife do not have anything left in them. He'll finish whatever's left unfinished. First of all, the wedding. They will crown this great love with a wedding. While they are preparing for a wedding that will complete their happiness, Azat and Gonul make a very important decision for their love and life. This decision will lead to the rekindling of ashy hatreds and will begin to crack the new environment that Reyyan and Miran have built for peace and tranquillity.        

Hercai Episode 62 released on Sunday March 7, 2021 at 08 P.M. on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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