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Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 61: Trailer And Summary

The new 61st episode trailer of Hercai has been released! In the last episode; Dilshah Move on Miran and Reyyan's Happiness... What happen in the episode on February 28st?

Hercai new episode trailer released. In the trailer released; Miran and Reyyan have an emotional rapprochement. When Miran says romantic words to Reyyan, Reyyan is embarrassed and fights back.  As the couple have happy moments, Dilshah hangs Reyyan against the wall and, just as he's about to slap him, Miran angrily prevents the situation. Here's the trailer for Episode 61 of Hercai...

On the other hand, Miran reacts to Reyyan, who knows this secret and does not tell it to her. Reyyan, on the other hand, resents Miran's inkling of her. As it is increasingly difficult for Azat and Gonul to fight against each other, Cihan decides to take his family and leave Mardin at Yaren's request.

hercai episode 61
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Fusun is driven by the terrible truth he has learned, but a great surprise is waiting for him. While Miran and Reyyan can't stand each other's longings, Nasuh, who is upset about both Hazar and Azize, has a solution in mind. However, this will make things very inextricable. Here is 61st episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ...

What happen in the last episode?

Reyyan and Miran's resentment of each other is over, and their love continues stronger than ever. So much so that Miran decides to give Azize a chance at Reyyan's request. But he'll have a request. On the other hand, the gunfire heard on the farm causes Hazar and Nasuh to run to the farmhouse. The sight he sees in front of him will shock Hazar. The news of Yaren, who stops Füsun, who is determined to kill her. Dilshah is taking missteps for fear of losing Azra. Meanwhile, in the life of Reyyan and Miran, a more important situation occurs than all that is going on.

Hercai Episode 61 Trailer 

Hercai Episode 61 Summary: "How many miracles can fit in a few months of life?"

Reyyan has taken up arms for the work to be done after her difficult decision. Umut Shadoglu Foundation, which aims to make girls study, should come to life, problems within the family should be solved, hostilities should end. He should leave Hope as beautiful a world as he can... Miran, who has been dored by disagreements with the company, is feeling the unease with her wife and trying to find out why. Hazar, on the other hand, asked Azize to walk away. Azize has only one condition. Füsun is looking to regain Azra, while Dilshah is looking for ways to get rid of Reyyan. As the secrets come to light at the dinner for the foundation, a document found by Dilshah will leave Reyyan in a difficult position.

Hercai Episode 61 released on Sunday February 28, 2021 at 08 P.M. on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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