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Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 65: Trailer And Summary

The new 65th episode trailer of Hercai has been released! In the last episode; Miran learns that Reyyan is facing death..... What happen in the episode on February 28th?

The trailer for the new episode of Hercai, which aired on ATV screens, was curious. Hercai, which airs on Sunday evenings and is ambitious in the ratings, tells an epic love story set in Mardin. Hercai 64th episode, starring Akin Akinözü and Ebru Şahin. The episode trailer has also been released. Here's the trailer for Episode 65 and what happened in the last episode...

In the last episodes, Reyyan and Miran describe the intertwined lives that develop around their love. Hercai is appearing on ATV with season 3. With the geography in which the story is told, it also receives the appreciation of series lovers. Akin Akinözü and Ebru Şahin star in Hercai. Those who are curious about what happened in the last episode will find answers to their questions in our news.

hercai episode 65
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Hercai series was one of the series that was liked and followed by foreigners with its characters, locations and subject matter, especially the characters of Miran and Reyyan. Viewers gather at the atv for new episodes. In the new 65th episode, it is eagerly awaited where the story will be tossed, what the heroes will experience.

What happen in the last episode?

Miran learns that Reyyan is facing death. Fusun is responsible for all this, and Miran will make him pay. And Reyyan's illness opens a new door between Hazar and Aziza. Offering a deal to Cihan for revenge, Fusun vows to destroy everything that holds the Shadoglu family together, one by one. Struggling to save Reyyan, Miran is shaken by the fire at the foundation. Will Cihan accept Fusun's offer of a deal? Will Aziza be able to break down the walls between her and her son, Hazar, whom she reunited with years later? Will Reyyan, caught in the middle of great chaos, have to give up hope that she wants to give birth to with her life?

Hercai Episode 65 Trailer 

Hercai Episode 65 Summary: "We came, to our city..."

Reyyan and Miran, who opened the doors of a miracle with the doctor's last-minute news, go to Istanbul for treatment. In addition to Zahra, who entrusted her little girls to Hazar and went to Istanbul with them, Zahra is with Firat and Zeynep. Meanwhile, upon learning that it was Fusun who made Reyyan sick, he ended up at aslanbey mansion to be held accountable. Aziza, who grows up at the last moment, tries to stop her son. A deep sense of hatred engulfed Fusun, who saw the two of them become mother and son after all that had happened.

Hercai Episode 65 released on Sunday March 28, 2021 at 08 P.M. on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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