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Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 52: Trailer And Summary

The new 52nd episode trailer of Hercai has been released!. What happen in the episode on December 18th?

The series Hercai, which is the scene of a different excitement in each episode of ATV, appeared before the audience with its last 51st episode. The return of Reyyan and Miran to Aslanbey mansion in last night's episode of the popular series was marked. Well, has the highly anticipated 52nd new episode trailer ever been released?

Hercai appeared in front of viewers tonight with its 51st episode. After the last episode, where there was great excitement, the trailer for the 52nd new episode became a subject of curiosity. Here is 52nd episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ......

What happen in the last episode?

Upon learning that Hazar is his own son, Azize considers that there is only one way to redeem herself for what she has done so far, but she has a disability as dangerous as she is; Füsun. Reyyan, who is confused about Mahfuz, fears losing her baby due to the influence of a dream she has. Miran, who is excited to be reunited with his father and to be a father on the one hand, indulges in pampers, does not give up what he says, does his best to get rid of his doubts and fears.

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Hazar makes a move to make life easier for her son and daughter. This move will bring the father and son closer together. Nasuh took a step towards becoming a grandparent-grandson with Miran and wanted to throw a meal in honor of his joining the family, but encountered Cihan's objection.

Unable to digest Miran's being a Şadoğlu and think that his rights will be given to him, Cihan takes a counter attack and holds the hand of friendship extended by his world-wide Füsun. However, this behavior causes Nasuh to draw his lightning bolts on him. While all this is happening, Azize, who wants to prevent Füsun's terrible plan, rushes to Reyyan. But she's late. Will Füsun be able to harm Reyyan? Will she be able to redeem herself to Azize?

Hercai Episode 52 Trailer

Hercai Episode 52 Summary: 'Now I know why you didn't give up on me...'

The battle between Azize and Füsun continues at full speed. Azize, who lost Dilshah to Füsun, which she hid all these years, does not stand idle while she searches for ways to get him back and continues to have all kinds of troubles for Azize. Reyyan, who was sick because of the dessert he ate thinking it was from her father, fainted in front of Azize, who came to see if he was all right. Azize goes into a struggle alone to help Reyyan and the baby in her belly. 

Reyyan was poisoned by Füsun. The condition of the baby and Reyyan is unclear. Meanwhile, Azize warns the Shadogulls and says that it was Füsun who harmed Reyyan, and that she was trying to save Reyyan by secretly meeting Nasuh and telling her the truth. Nasuh believed Azize's words, but Reyyan remembers nothing about it. Azize then asked Nasuh to meet him with Reyyan. Miran goes after his wife, thinking Azize is solely responsible for what happened to her. However, Azize disappeared as if she had disappeared. Everyone but Nasuh thinks he escaped because it was revealed that he poisoned Reyyan. However, a last-minute development shocks everyone and makes them stop looking for Azize.

Hercai episode 52 released on friday, December 18, 2020 at the ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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