Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 69: Trailer And Summary

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The new 69th episode trailer of Hercai has been released! In the end episode; Reyyan and Miran find happiness after all. What surprises will they get at the end of the story?

The question of whether the trailer for episode 69 has been released is being investigated after episode 68 of hercai series. Watch the trailer for Episode 69, which airs on ATV! It's the latest chapter recap! What's going to happen in the new episode? Here are detail ...

In the end episode; Reyyan and Miran have crossed a new threshold and decided to spend their lives free from war and revenge. But the shadow of events that develop outside of them soon falls upon them. Aziza hasn't given up on revenge. 

Fusun, on the other hand, hatches a terrible plan despite being imprisoned. Jahan and Handan are shaken by unexpected news. Aziza's unending desire for revenge leads her to a departure. Despite all the negativity, Miran and Reyyan return to themselves and experience a new excitement. It tells the impossible love story of Reyyan, one of the grandchildren of one of the most powerful families in The Shabab, and Miran, who seeks revenge for his parents who were murdered years ago.

hercai episode 69
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Emrullah Omay, with his friends, raided Hercai's setEmrullah Omay, with his friends, he raided Hercai's set, his wife, who had sold his life and had plastic surgery, ran away from home, the couple faced off on live TV, his wife, who had plastic surgery, ran away from home, the couple confronted him live on air.

Hercai Plot Story

Miran Aslanbey, who came to Mardin Midyat as a businessman from Istanbul, offers Nasuh Shadoglu more than a partnership; he also wants his grandson Reyyan. However, nasuh, the most powerful family head in the region, has different plans for Miran, whom he calls a very good fortune. He'll give her a grandchild, but it's not the grandson she wants.

Nasuh is unaware of Miran's plans as he tries to convince Miran of his plan. While the decision between the two men is eagerly awaited, the news will have a profound impact on Reyyan and Yaren's life.

How will a love story that flourishes on traces of Midyat's millennial past affect the fate of two families? Will the handsome businessman from Istanbul and the beauty of Midyat be reunited with the legendary Reyyan? Aziza is determined to take Umut in her own way. Who's the surprise name that helped Miran? What will be the fate of Fusun?

Hercai Episode 69 Trailer [Final]

Hercai Episode 69 Summary

Reyyan and Miran try to regroup the family, which has been disbanded by the chaos created by Yaren. Aziza, who goes away to protect her grandchildren, who are the trust of Hazar, finds someone she never expected. Reyyan begins a new project at Umut Foundation. The new project is the beginning of a journey of surprises for Reyyan and Miran, while a new door opens in the duo's life.   

Hercai Episode 69 released on Sunday April 25, 2021 at 08 P.M. on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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