Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 50: Trailer And Summary

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Has the new 50th trailer of Hercai been released? What happen in the episode on December 4th? 

Hercai screened tonight with its 49th final episode. There were shock breakups tonight on ATV's series Hercai, which was followed with interest. After that, has the trailer for the 50th new episode been released? Is Aslan dead? Hercai's search for a 50th episode trailer has begun to be investigated by the show's hard-right followers. Why did Dogan Bayraktar leave Hercai? Hercai 50th episode teaser trailer coming to the screen on Friday, December 4, 2020. Is Mr. Hercai Aslan going to die?

On Friday, November 27, 2020, Aslan died in the series Hercai, which will be screened with its 50th new episode. Dogan Bayraktar, who portrayed Aslan, left the show.  Hercai episode 50 trailer has not yet been released.

Did Aslan leave Hercai? Is he dead?

Dogan Bayraktar, who gave life to Aslan Aslanbey in the tv series Hercai, died in the 49th episode of Hercai, which screened tonight. Handsome actor Dogan Bayraktar was normally supposed to say goodbye to the show in the past weeks, but when the script was extended, he starred in 1 extra episode. Aslan of Hercai died tonight and said goodbye to the show.

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What happened in the last episode?

Aslan, who wanted to kidnap him because of his obsessing love for Reyyan, shot Hazar and was shot himself by Mahfuz, who grew up at the last moment. Reyyan and Miran, who are trying hard to keep Hazar alive, are distraught. Miran, who has yet to digest the knowledge that his father is Hazar, now faces the possibility of losing him. With the arrival of Füsun Aslanbey, aslanbeys are once again devastated by the news coming to the konaya as they try to get used to the new order. Azize will now take not only the Shadogulls, but also Füsun. 

Upon learning of his father's plans for Miran, Nasuh tells Azat everything he has learned about Azize. Reyyan and Miran burst into tears in the face of the big news they have learned, clinging to their love and each other from their difficult days. Azize, who thinks she has nothing left to lose, calls Nasuh to the couple and orders Mahmoud to carry out his terrible plan. Will Hazar and Aslan live? What did Reyyan and Miran learn? Why did Azize meet Nasuh?

Hercai Episode 50 Trailer: "You're my father..."

Hercai Episode 50 Summary

Azize and Nasuh are in shock. Nasuh learned that Azize was in fact Ayşe, and that her daughter, who she thought had died years earlier, was Hazar. Azize, who regrets her order to Mahmoud, tries to reach him and Hazar, but it will not be easy. Füsun, who held Azize responsible for Aslan's death, is in the plans for him. Reyyan and Miran are struggling with what is happening around them and are excited about their baby. 

Reyyan's ass and sensing both amuses and excites Miran. She struggles to make the woman she loves happy. As always, its greatest support is Firat. Esma is at a crossroads, she will either reveal her big secret to Firat or shut up forever. There's someone he never expected to tell her everything. Meanwhile, Azize, who thinks it's all over, is on an irreversible path. So she can make it up to you. But at the end of the road, a big surprise is waiting for her.

Hercai will be on ATV on Friday evening, December 4, 2020 with its new 50th episode. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama Hercai

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