Turkish Drama Hercai Episode 60: Trailer And Summary

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The new 60th episode trailer of Hercai has been released! In the last episode, Hazar is shocked to learn from Füsun that he is the son of Azize. What happen in the episode on February 21st?

Hercai, one of the most beloved series of screens, has released a new episode trailer. In the last episode of Hercai, which aired on ATV on Sunday evenings and created a huge fan base, Dilshah injured Azize and all the balances changed. Reyyan had to take care of both Dilshah and Azize. Here's what happened in the last episode of the ratings blockbuster series of Hercai.

Hercai series was one of the series that was liked and followed by foreigners with its characters, especially Miran and Reyyan characters, the places where it was filmed and its subject matter. Viewers gather at atv for new episodes of Hercai. In the new episode, Hercai is eagerly awaited where the story will be thrown, what the heroes will experience. 

Reyyan and Miran's love is told about the lives that have developed around each other. Hercai is appearing in front of the audience on ATV with season 3. With the geography in which the story is told, it also appreciates the lovers of the series. In Hercai, Akin Akinözu and Ebru Şahin share the lead roles. Those who are wondering what happened in the last chapter will find answers to their questions in our sites.

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Hercai new 60th episode will be screened. Produced by Mia Productions and Banu Akdeniz, Hercai is directed by Barış Yöş. Atv series Hercai new episode trailers and Hercai final episode summaries  are in our news! The series starring Akin Akinözu, Ebru Şahin, Gülçin Sancioğlu, Serhat Tutumluer, Ayda Aksel, Macit Sonkan, Serdar Özer, Oya Unusta, and Tansu Taşanlar.

In last episode of Hercai, Miran cornered Cihan. However, Miran was snared after what Cihan said about Reyyan. Afterwards, Reyyan decided not to keep secrets from Miran and decided to talk to her. Here is 60th episode trailer and episode summary of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

What happen in the last episode?

With Dilshah injuring Azize, all balances have changed. Reyyan must protect Dilshah on the one hand and cherish Azize on the other. Azra will be the one to support him in this difficult test. Fusun will have to keep alive the only person who knows where his daughter is when he wants to kill Azize, and eventually he will take revenge that will turned everything upside down. Miran, on the other hand, has Cihan cornered, but he is snailed by Reyyan's words that he is hiding something. Reyyan decided he couldn't keep any more secrets than Miran. He'll take a step towards that, but there's a surprise waiting for them all.

Hazar is shocked to learn from Füsun that he is the son of Azize. Miran supports his father, but he is also very surprised by what is happening. On the other hand, he reacts to Reyyan, who knows this secret and does not tell it to her. Reyyan, on the other hand, resents Miran's inkling of him. As it is increasingly difficult for Azat and Gonul to fight against each other, Cihan decides to take his family and leave Mardin at Yaren's request. Fusun is driven by the terrible truth he has learned, but a great surprise is waiting for him. While Miran and Reyyan can't stand each other's longings, Nasuh, who is upset about both Hazar and Azize, has a solution in mind. However, this will make things very inextricable.

Hercai Episode 60 Trailer 

Hercai Episode 60 Summary

Reyyan and Miran's resentment of each other is over, and their love continues stronger than ever. So much so that Miran decides to give Azize a chance at Reyyan's request. But he'll have a request. On the other hand, the gunfire heard on the farm causes Hazar and Nasuh to run to the farmhouse. The sight he sees in front of him will shock Hazar. The news of Yaren, who stops Füsun, who is determined to kill her. Dilshah is taking missteps for fear of losing Azra. Meanwhile, in the life of Reyyan and Miran, a more important situation occurs than all that is going on. What will happen in Fusun and Dilshah showdown? Will Azize accept Miran's condition?  

Hercai Episode 60 released on Sunday February 21, 2021 at 08 P.M. on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Hercai'

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