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Ramo Episode 14: Trailer And Summary

The new 14th episode trailer of Ramo has released! Fatoş in the promotion where the loving words of Ramo and Sibel draw attention. Boz informs that she is pregnant.

Ramo appeared in front of the audience with his 13th episode. In the last episode published; Cihangir, who sees Ramo in front of him when he least waits, is forced to spare his life when he wants to kill him. After a breathtaking episode, Ramo's new 14th episode trailer was released.

Ramo has no intention of bowing to any of this while everyone is anxiously thinking about what to do. Now a deadly adventure is waiting for Ramo. Here is 14th episode trailer and episode summary of Ramo ....

ramo episode 14
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What happen in the last episode?

Cihangir, who sees Ramo in front of him when he least waits, is forced to spare his life when he wants to kill him. Ramo offers him such an offer that Cihangir spares his life without thinking, as well as immunity and permission to do business in Istanbul. For Sibel, there is no turning back, she created her own hell and had to enter Cihangir's house like a slave.

Taner, on the other hand, has no intention of let Ramo go. Wondering how this man who ruined his wedding got out of prison, Taner's research corners both Ramo and Yavuz, who helped him. Sibel, who tried to help him without ramo's information, would be in deadly trouble. Ramo is also in trouble with the former owners of the port he rented to do business with his family as he tries to deal with all this.

Ramo Episode 14 Trailer

'I don't intend to die until I've finished what I started!'. Cihangir, 'Ramo's job will be done before my son's soil cools!' shows taner's revenge, while the action-packed breathtaking scenes increase the excitement. Hasan's shooting shocks everyone, while tension surges in the moments facing Cihangir and Ramo.  

Ramo Episode 14 Summary

Ramo saved Sibel, but Taner's death upset all the balance in Istanbul. Cihangir decided to stop all work in Istanbul until his son's killer is found. Cihangir's decision causes unrest among those who do business with him, especially Vahap. 

On the other hand, all clues to Taner's death show Ramo and Sibel. Yavuz is under suspicion for helping them. As Cihangir walks over Ramo with all his armies, Ramo has little time to save Sibel and herself. 

Ramo's new episode is on Show TV on Friday night at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Ramo

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