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Who are the actors-actresses of Ramo series? What's the plot story of Ramo series? Where is the filming location? 

Ramo, who came to screens on Show TV, discusses events that develop on the axis of family, revenge and love. In addition to Murat Yildirim, many masters and young actors are in the cast of the series. So what's the plot story of Ramo series? Who are the actors-actresses of Ramo series? Murat Yildirim's 'Ramo' character gave life to the series in Adana, the master of the unsubsion Ramo's extraordinary story is told. Written by Yilmaz Şahin, yağız Alp Akayaydın sits in the director's chair.

Bkm Film Show Tv screens will be screened in front of the audience Ramo series continues to reveal the details. For the series Ramo, which will be filmed in Adana and will be a mafia series, a deal was reached with Görkem Sevindik, who finally captured a great output with the character of Mucahit Serdengeçti in the series.

Ramo Season 2 Release Date

2nd episode of Ramo series, which will begin filming on September 23, will begin airing at the end of October. The male lead actor of Ramo series was Murat Yildirim, while Esra Bilgic was the female lead actress of the series. The fact that the filming of the Ramo series will take place in Adana creates a very dislocated advantage for the players.

Ramo Synopsis Cast
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Ramo is a big struggle between the two families and a big deal that will flourish in the middle of this struggle. Ramo series will be a series similar to "Zero One" which aired on the Internet. In the Ramo series, Ramadan and Sibel, a young man who is full of Adana, but with dignity, will be told in a different language.

Synopsis of Ramo

Ramo and his family, who are from Adana, have been a member of cotton merchants for many years. Now he has to do the illegitimate work of a family that dominates the whole of Çukurova. Ramo and his family live in a neighborhood in Adana with their own rules, their own laws, in a neighborhood that is poor, troublesome and so much fun.

Ramo is the one who makes things work with his courage and intelligence. Ramo, a daredevil young man, decides to end this injustice at all costs for his family to receive the humantreatment he deserves. Ramo intends to rebel against the family they work for. But the family council won't allow it. But ramo moves in spite of his family. And it burns the first suppository of the fire of rebellion. The thing that pushes Ramo the most on this road is his boss's daughter Sibel...

Suppressing their love for each other is hard for both. Ramo, despite all setbacks, is moving step by step towards his goal, while an error made by his nearest friend Boz turns all his plans upside down. Because of the mistake made by his friend, Ramo will face the most difficult decision of his life...

All Episode of Ramo

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Character Cast of Ramo

Ramo (Murat Yildirim)

He's not the blinds of a warm family that's connected with blood, he's a blind leader. He's smart, he's fixer, he's got his own way. A ruthless man who is ruthless to his enemies, merciful to his loved ones and oppressed people... Ramo, whose past is encompassing his past like an armor, has nothing he can't do for his family. But the decisions he makes to protect his loved ones will lead both himself and his family into a great war... and love!

Yavuz (Yigit Özşener)

Special counsel, right-hand man, father of fathers in Istanbul, Cihangir Bey. He's a very smart, cautious man... The competitive environment in Adana is angry and sent to Adana after the shipments are disrupted. He knows Ramo and his family more closely, and there is a special connection between them. But his dark past and the man he serves will never let go of him.

Hasan (Ilker Aksum)

Ramo's brother. A man full of pure, clean lunatics... He's free of his ambitions, living a happy life with his wife and children. A man who is not afraid to set himself on fire for his family... One of the people who will always support Ramo and stand by him...

Sibel (Esra Bilgic)

The daughter of Cengiz, the boss of the underworld... She's a sane, well-educated, brave, strong woman. The unexpected war against his beloved father and family radically changes Sibel's life. Who is a friend who cannot distinguish between the enemy. The real battle in all this confusion is in his soul. Love? or Hate?

Fidan (Idil Firat)

She is Ramo's aunt. She's a funny, fair, intelligent, and very colorful, fun woman. The person who best balances the balance between family with his incredible intuition and intelligence. There's an unshakable connection between them and Ramo. So much so that they can talk without talking. The only thing he doesn't agree on is love! Fidan, who has many heart affairs in her past, has a lot to say about this issue... And she's going to live!

Fatos (Cemre Baysel)

Ramo's sister. A passionate, forthright and courageous person who speaks out in his heart without hesitation... The greatest desire in life is to marry the man he loves and lead a happy life... But life has cruel plans for him...

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