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Turkish Drama 'Ramo' Episode 33: Trailer And Summary

The new 33rd episode trailer of Ramo has been released! Ramo, who does not believe Sibel is dead, is furious, while his moves are eagerly awaited. What happen in the episode on February 19th?

Ramo, the series that has also attracted a lot of attention with the new season of Show TV, is preparing to come to screens with its new 33rd episode. The beloved series will be marked this week by Ramo's angry with himself, who doesn't believe Sibel is dead. Here's the highly anticipated Ramo 33rd new episode trailer...

After the attack on Ramo and Sibel's wedding, Sibel was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Sibel, who lost a lot of blood, had to have immediate blood to live. Ramo, who had only 2 hours to find the blood sought, made a great effort, but with information from Mazhar, he was in another difficult situation. It's been revealed that the blood sought for Sibel is in Nehir. Nehir had only one condition for Ramo to give blood to Sibel; Ramo gave his own life in exchange for his blood. Ramo, who made a deal with Nehir, moved to find out who was responsible for what happened on his wedding day. After learning that Korkut had done the attack, he asked Mazhar to gather the entire table.

ramo episode 33
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At the meeting, Ramo was asking Korkut for an account, while Korkut had a lot of leverage he could use against Ramo. Korkut detonated a large bomb, saying ramo was the one who killed Taner. Mazhar now had a lot of anger towards Ramo. Ramo confronted him to give his life, keeping his promise to Nehir, but Nehir was 300 to pull the trigger. Sibel, who was hospitalized injured, was set up. Two people posing as nurses and caregivers planted bombs in the room after knocking Sibel out. Shaken by the pain of losing the woman he loved after the explosion, Ramo also managed to deeply impress viewers. It made me wonder who caused all this and what Ramo was going to do next.

Ramo's series screened on Friday with its last 32nd episode, leaving behind a thrilling episode. Here's the highly anticipated Ramo 32nd new episode trailer and episode summary...

What happen in the last episode?

Ramo didn't want to believe it, but the samples taken in the hospital room show that the body belonged to Sibel. Ramo's been looking everywhere for sibel's trail without even listening to his family. Every action of Ramo is increasingly disturbing the big boss of Istanbul. Mazhar moved to eliminate Ramo on orders from his partons.

Ramo Episode 33 Trailer

While it is eagerly awaited what Ramo will do against Mazhar and Sharif in the trailer, which draws attention to his assertive remarks, excitement is growing in Ramo's struggle.  

Ramo Episode 33 Summary

Ramo has a big plan; To be the boss of Istanbul instead of Mazhar. Bosses have one goal: Bringing Ramo to his knees.

New to the game, the Sheriff's every move should make Ramo a little more difficult. What prevents Ramo from taking action is that Sibel is being held hostage.

Ramo will come up with a plan to convince Yildirim to find out where Sibel is being held, and on the other hand, to replace Mazhar.

Ramo is on Show TV friday night, February 19th at 08 P.M. with a new 33rd episode!. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Ramo'

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