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Ramo Episode 19: Trailer And Summary

Ramo new 19th episode trailer has released! What's in Ramo's latest episode, which airs this week?

Show TV's popular series, BKM signed Ramo's 19th episode introduction to Yavuz and Ramo is increasing tension between the two. So What happen in the last episode of Ramo?

In the 18th final episode of The Ramo series; Sibel, who accessed Cihangir's files by putting himself at great risk, obtained important information about 'Kaman'. Sibel, who examined the Kaman file, told Fidan what she had learned. Here is 19th episode trailer and episode summary of Ramo ...

What happen in the last episode?

Learning that Kaman was a neighborhood, Ramo and his family took immediate action. Pumpers, who went to the neighborhood to investigate, experienced great surprise in the quiet and eerie environment they saw. Ramo wanted to finish Cihangir by solving Kaman, while yavuz wanted to finish the job. Playing the game by making Nuri look dead, Ramo revealed Yavuz's betrayal in front of Cihangir.

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Cihangir would pay for this betrayal and finish Yavuz! Ramo finally learned about the great curious Kaman mystery and the leverage cihangir had. Yavuz told Ramo about cihangir's massacre and the incident that caused Cihangir to fall into his hands.

Cihangir started a great war against Yavuz, while Yavuz was prepared for Cihangir's move. Yavuz captured the East and the weapon he had with Ramo's help, thus taking the weapon that had left Cihangir in captivity for years. Ramo and Sibel signed a swap agreement against documents yavuz, after receiving the gun did not comply with this agreement Ramo, received the gun from Yavuz. Yavuz, who blacked out to get the gun and eliminate Ramo, shocked everyone by shooting Ramo in the final!

Here's Ramo's 19th episode trailer

Ramo Episode 19 Summary

It's been weeks since Ramo was shot. As soon as Ramo regains his senses, Kaman regains his sleeves to solve his mystery. Yavuz'u hiding from the East, even if he handed him over to Cihangir, no one will understand why by taking a decision gives Yavuz immunity.

Shocked by this situation, Sibel takes her breath away in front of Ramo. They have to work together in this war, albeit temporarily. Trying to solve the mystery of Kaman; Ramo, Yavuz is also making plans to take revenge. Trying to solve Yavuz's immunity mystery, Ramo looms a big game using both Yavuz and Cihangir. If he keeps the plan, he'll have cracked down on the Istanbul mafia. Cihangir, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Produced by BKM, directed by M.Çağatay Tosun, screenwriter Toprak Karaoğlu, Seda Karaoğlu and Birol Tezcan, Murat Yildirim gave life to the character of 'Ramo' in Ramo; Esra Bilgic, Olgun Simsek, ilker Aksum, Yigit Özşener, İdil Fırat, Devrim Özkan, Mustafa Yıldıran, Pelin Körmükçü, Hakan Gerçek, Efsane Odağ are among the players.

Ramo series will be on Show TV on Friday, November 6, 2020 with its 19th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Ramo

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