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Turkish Drama 'Ramo' Episode 37: Trailer And Summary

The new 37th episode trailer of Ramo has been released! In the last episode; Ramo is in the world of big bosses now. What happen in the episode on March 26th?

Ramo, the series that has also gained a lot of attention with the new season of show TV, is preparing to come to the screens with its 37th new episode. The hit series will be marked this week by the theft of a large amount of money under Ramo's responsibility. Here's the trailer for the 37th episode of Ramo, where the eyes are turned...

While the theft of large sums of money under Ramo's responsibility has heightened tensions, what happens between Ramo and The Mighty after this dramatic event is already a matter of great curiosity. Here is 37th episode trailer and episode summary of Turkish Drama 'Ramo'

ramo episode 37
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What happen in the last episode?

Ramo is in the world of big bosses now. The first task given to him is to take a large amount of money abroad. Ramo doesn't care about these little jobs! His main goal is to destroy this system set up by the bosses. 

As Hasan tries to regain Afet's heart and convince him to come home, Sibel is on a completely different adventure; She's trying to find Dogu's mother. Sibel gets into a lot of trouble when she crosses paths with Nehir, which acts with the same purpose. Ramo learns that Sibel is in trouble as he goes to war and tries to carry out his plan. Ramo is stuck on all sides.  

Ramo episode 37 Trailer

Ramo episode 37 Summary

Ramo reaches a town he never knew about in pursuit of lost money. The captain gives Ramo 24 hours to find the money. Otherwise, he'll destroy the town. Trying to protect innocent people from the Captain's evil, Ramo begins to investigate who betrayed him.

The sheriff is determined to unravel the Serdengate system and destroy them. The Sheriff, who has come up with a new plan for this, must think he's one step closer to his goal. Sibel, on the other hand, continues to search for Doğu's mother, despite getting into trouble. The clues take Sibel to a place she never expected. Even Ramo doesn't know what to do with this latest situation.

Ramo is on Show TV friday night, March 26th at 08 P.M. with a new 37th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Ramo'

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