Turkish Drama 'Ramo' Episode 31: Trailer And Summary

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The new 31st episode trailer of Turkish Drama Ramo has been released! In the last Episode; Ramo Returns to the Field. What happen in the episode on February 5th?

You can learn from this page where we often update what will happen in the series, which is highly anticipated for each episode, and you can find the best tips on our site. Will Turkish Drama Ramo, starring beloved actors such as Murat Yildirim, Esra Bilgiç and Ilker Aksum, be released this week?

In the last episode; Mashar recognizes himself as the king of Istanbul and asks Ramo to serve him. Ramo drives a madman over these words and shouts that he will not serve anyone. Powered by Sibel's support, Ramo returns to the field. Here's Ramo new episode trailer and episode summary...

ramo episode 31
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Cihangir's death has upset all balances in Istanbul. Mazhar had to pay a big price in front of his bosses for helping Ramo, while Vadim put in place a plan to eliminate Ramo. Nehir gets a document to destroy Sibel. Boran's helping Nehir with that. Ramo and Sibel, on the other hand, decide to have their wedding in Adana. Before the family left Istanbul, Ramo had one last thing left to do. A big surprise is waiting for Ramo, who is on the move with Serdengecti.

What happen in the last episode?

Ramo is assigned by the big bosses to restore order and order in Istanbul. If he doesn't accept it, his whole family will be destroyed. Ramo is assigned by the big bosses to restore order and order in Istanbul. If he doesn't accept it, his whole family will be destroyed. 

Sibel has a sister named Gizem that she never knew about, and one day she comes across it. Actually, Nehir found her. What Gizem has to say about Nehir terrifies Sibel and Ramo. In all this mess, Ramo has a big surprise for Sibel. This surprise will make Sibel very happy.

Turkish Drama Ramo Episode 31 Trailer

In the introduction, which draws attention to the moments when Ramo and Nehir face off, it is very curious what Ramo's promise to Nehir is. 

Turkish Drama Ramo Episode 31 Summary

The raid on Ramo and Sibel's wedding killed many people. Sibel is badly injured, and the way she survives depends on Nehir. Nehir wants Ramo to pay a heavy price for Sibel's life. Ramo, on the other hand, learns that the wedding attackers were Korkut's men and asked Mazhar to gather the table so he could confront him.

Ramo wants Korkut to be punished in the most severe way, while Korkut has a lot of leverage to end Ramo. Ramo has never been in such a difficult situation.

Ramo is on Show TV friday night at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Ramo'

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