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Turkish Drama Ramo Episode 27: Trailer And Summary

The new 27th episode trailer of Ramo has been released! What happn in the episode on January 8th?

Ramo, a series of Show TV that has a separate storm of excitement, appeared in front of the audience tonight with its 20th new episode. The final episode of the beloved series was marked by Ramo's move to take Sibel out of Cihangir's hands. So, Ramo, has the new episode 27 trailer been released?

Ramo locked the audience on the screen with its 26th final episode. After the 26th episode, which was the scene of great excitement, and eyes were turned to the new trailer...

ramo episode 27
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What happen in the last episode?

Ramo, who wants to avenge his aunt Sapling, has great obstacles. Ramo's only goal is to take Sibel from Cihangir's house. Cihangir's goal is to get Ramo killed before he succeeds. And for that, he'll use Sibel.

In Istanbul, when all hands have returned to Cihangir, everything will be turned upside down by Yavuz's arrival. Ramo is the one who's most angry about it. Ramo, who wants to avenge his aunt Sapling, has great obstacles, Yavuz has received immunity.

Ramo Episode 27 Trailer

Ramo's new goal, which finishes off Yavuz in the promo where action-packed moments raise the excitement, is a matter of curiosity. Everyone is shocked by the moments when Ramo was shot in a thrilling publicity for Iraq. 

Ramo Episode 27 Summary

Ramo also signed his own death warrant, killing Yavuz. Both Cihangir's men and Mazhar are after Ramo now.

Sibel is with the family, and like all family members, she's everywhere looking for Ramo and she's all about getting back to him as soon as she can. There's no sign of Ramo. However, Ramo must be fighting for his life and death in hell to reunite with Sibel and her family.

Ramo is on Show TV friday night at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama Ramo

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