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Turkish Drama Ramo Episode 22: Trailer And Summary

The new 22nd episode trailer of Ramo has released! What happen in the episode on November 27th?

Ramo's 21st last episode was broadcast on Show Tv screens. Starring Murat Yildirim, Esra Bilgic, Olgun Simsek, Ilker Aksum and Yigit Özşener. So has the 22nd new episode of Ramo been released? Here's the Ramo 21st episode one-piece tracking link...

In the last episode; Ramo is trying to save his life while trying to save his family and his brother Hassan. Ramo thought his whole family had been murdered, and he regained his senses in a place he never knew. The men who come before him ask Ramo for something he never expects in exchange for his family; Kill someone. But Ramo is not a hit the man.

ramo episode 22
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Cihangir and his men, on the other hand, are after Ramo. Ramo is trying to save his life while trying to save his family and his brother Hassan. When he least waits, Sibel begins to openly help Ramo, who wants to save her family and Hasan.

Ramo Episode 22 Trailer

What Ramo will do where Mazhar's request shocks everyone, is eagerly awaited.  

Ramo Episode 22 Summary

Cihangir doesn't want to spare Ramo's life, but the men above Cihangir don't want to lose Ramo that early. After all, Ramo brought Sarraf, the enemy they've been looking for for years. Ramo earns the right to life on one condition; Kill someone else. They'll get Ramo to kill someone like that, and there's no way he's going to do it on a conscience or an idea.

Sibel finds out about this trap for Ramo and wants to help him. Sibel will get herself in trouble while pushing to help Ramo.

Ramo is on Show TV friday night at 08 P.M. with a new 22nd episode! Read Also All Episode of Ramo: Turkish Drama

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