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Ramo Episode 21: Trailer And Summary

The new 21st episode trailer of Ramo has released! It's curious who Ramo's mysterious enemy was when he was forcibly taken away by two men.

Each episode of Show TV is a separate storm of excitement, Ramo, tonight appeared in front of the audience with its 20th new episode. The last episode of the beloved series was marked by Ramo has learning that Cihangir had walked out of prison. So has the 21st new episode of Ramo been released?

Ramo locked the audience to the screen with its last 20th episode. In the last episode; Ramo is open war on Cihangir created a great excitement and the eyes turned to the new trailer. The Kaman mystery grows a little bigger every day. Ramo, who thought Cihangir would be in prison forever, doesn't know what to do when he hears him walk out. Here is 21st episode trailer and episode summary of Ramo ....

ramo episode 21
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What happen in the last episode?

Ramo, who thought Cihangir would be in prison forever, doesn't know what to do when he hears him walk out. Because Cihangir put all his men on Ramo to commit a massacre. The family can only survive these attacks with heavy casualties.

With the help of his friends, Ramo has put his family in a safe place, and his only goal is to open war on Cihangir. Cihangir has also been ordered to destroy Ramo without illegal ly in which he is affiliated. Sibel will be the biggest supporter of Ramo, who comes face to face with death every step of the way.

Ramo Episode 21 Trailer

Show TV's popular series, BKM signed Ramo Episode 21. Ramo's offer surprised everyone in the introduction of what he will face on the dangerous path is eagerly awaited. ...

Ramo Episode 21 Summary

Ramo thought his whole family had been murdered, and he regained his senses in a place he never knew. The men who come before him ask Ramo for something he never expects in exchange for his family; Kill someone. But Ramo's not a hit man.

Cihangir and his men, on the other hand, are after Ramo. Ramo is trying to save his life while trying to save his family and his brother Hassan. When he least waits, Sibel begins to openly help Ramo, who wants to save his family and Hasan.

Ramo's new episode is on Show TV on Friday night at 8 p.m. Read Also All Episode of Ramo: Turkish Drama

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