Ramo Episode 15: Trailer And Summary

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Has Ramo 15th episode been released? What happened in the last episode? In a breathtaking introduction to the action-packed scenes, Cihangir orders Ramo's death. The gun pointed at Sibel raises the excitement.

The 14th episode of the highly anticipated Ramo series will be screened on Show TV today. Ramo, which is highly acclaimed, also attracts attention with its cast. So, Ramo, what happened in the last episode? Here are the details...

After the final episode, the audience explores the Ramo 15th episode trailer. Ramo's new episode trailer and more are available to the audience on Friday evenings with its exciting subject matter and cast. Ramo has been in front of an audience in recent weeks with his new season. The series made a bombshell return to the 2nd season. Ramo, who is facing his lovers with his new season, continues episode speeds from where he left off. Ramo airs fridays on Show TV screens every week at 08 P.M. Starring Murat Yildirim and Esra Bilgic; Olgun Simsek, İlker Aksum and Yigit Özşener are among the master names. 

ramo episode 15
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What happen in the last episode?

Cihangir, who sees Ramo in front of him when he least waits, is forced to spare his life when he wants to kill him. Ramo offers him such an offer that Cihangir spares his life without thinking, as well as immunity and permission to do business in Istanbul. For Sibel, there is no turning back, she created her own hell and had to enter Cihangir's house like a slave. Taner, on the other hand, has no intention of let Ramo go. 

Wondering how this man who ruined his wedding got out of prison, Taner's research corners both Ramo and Yavuz, who helped him. Sibel, who tried to help him without ramo's information, would be in deadly trouble. Ramo is also in trouble with the former owners of the port he rented to do business with his family as he tries to deal with all this. Ramo has no intention of bowing to any of this while everyone is anxiously thinking about what to do. Now a deadly adventure is waiting for Ramo. 

Ramo Episode 15 Trailer

Cihangir's task to Ramo is intriguing in the exciting introduction that the action does not slow down. The moments when Sibel and Fidan hug and shed tears affect the audience deeply. Ramo's words for Sibel bring to mind the question, 'Is Ramo giving up on Sibel?'

Ramo Episode 15 Summary

Vahap's attempt to kill Cihangir and Ramo was wasted by Ramo's action, which cost Vahap his own life. Ramo's saving the life of the East in the conflict in Cihangir allows new question marks against Ramo.

When Sibel is going abroad, Cihangir's hunt to find her causes Sibel to make a decision that will not be good for her. On the other hand, Cihangir, who suspects that Ramo is working with Köksal, plays such a game to him that it is almost impossible for Ramo to survive the game.

Ramo's new episode is on Show TV on Friday night at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Ramo

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