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Turkish Drama Ramo Episode 28:Trailer And Summary

The new 28th episode trailer of Ramo has been released! What happen in the episode on Show TV on Friday evening, January 15th?

Ramo, the new season of Show TV, also attracted a lot of attention, and came to screens with its 27th new episode. Ramo's finding the professor tonight in the beloved series was the scene of some very exciting moments. Here's the ramo 28th new episode trailer and episode summary where the eyes are turned...

Ramo, who is from Adana, and his family have been a source of cotton merchants for many years. Now he has to do the illegitimate work of a family that dominates the whole of Çukurova. Ramo and his family; In a neighborhood in Adana that is poor, troubled and so much fun, they live by their own rules, their own laws. Ramo is the one who makes things work with his courage and intelligence.

ramo episode 28
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Ramo, a brave young man, decides to end this injustice at all costs so that his family gets the humane treatment they deserve. Ramo intends to rebel against the family they work for. But the family council won't allow it. But Ramo takes action in spite of his family. And it will burn the first fuse of the fire of rebellion.

What pushes Ramo the most on this road is his boss's daughter, Sibel. It's hard for both of them to suppress their love for each other. While Ramo, despite all the setbacks, is moving step by step towards his goal, a mistake made by his closest friend Boz upsets all his plans. Because of his best friend's mistake, Ramo will face the toughest decision of his life.

What happen in the last episode?

Ramo also signed his own death warrant, killing Yavuz. Both Cihangir's men and Mazhar are after Ramo now.

Sibel is with the family, and like all family members, she's everywhere looking for Ramo and she's all about getting back to him as soon as she can. There's no sign of Ramo. However, Ramo must be fighting for his life and death in hell to reunite with Sibel and her family.

Ramo Episode 28 Trailer

When Ramo leaves hell safe and finishes his mission in Iraq and returns home, he gets a big surprise.

Ramo Episode 28 Summary

Ramo is surprised when he returns home from hell safely, finishing his mission in Iraq. Sibel went to kill Cihangir because he thought Ramo was dead. When Ramo went to rescue Sibel from Cihangir's house, Cihangir had already learned of the relationship between Ramo and Sibel. They'll both die.


Ramo succeeds in saving it from Cihangir, but he can't stop Sibel and Nehir from being abducted by unidentified people. Ramo and Cihangir have to cooperate to save Sibel and Nehir safely from this mysterious enemy.

Ramo is on Show TV friday night at 08 P.M. with a new episode!. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama Ramo

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