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Ramo series will be on Show TV on Friday, October 23, 2020 with its 17th new episode. What will happen in Ramo's latest episode?

17th episode of Ramo is in front of an audience every week on Friday nights with his new episode. The series, which airs on Show TV, starts at 08 P.M. In chapter 16, Ramo's plan was made, but Kürşat, with which he received his money, has no intention of following it. Cihangir's sign after Ramo and his family, Kürşat, Ramo is becoming a major threat. Here is 17th Episode trailer and episode summary of Ramo ....

Ramo Plot Story

Ramo and his family, who are from Adana, have been ingesting cotton merchants for many years. Now he has to do the illegitimate work of a family that dominates the whole of Çukurova. Ramo and his family; They live in a neighborhood in Adana that is poor, trouble-bad and just as fun with their own rules and their own laws. Ramo is the one who makes things work with his courage and intelligence.

ramo episode 17
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Ramo, a darenic young man, decides to end this injustice at all costs so that his family gets the human treatment he deserves. Ramo intends to rebel against the family they work for. But the family council won't allow it. But despite the Ramo family, he takes action. And it lightes the first fuse of the fire of rebellion.

Sibel is the daughter of her boss. It's hard for both of them to suppress their love for each other. As Ramo steps up to his destination despite all the setbacks, a mistake made by his closest friend, Boz, upsets all his plans. Because of his best friend's mistake, Ramo will face the most difficult decision of his life.

What happen in the last episode?

Ramo's plan has been made, but the Kürşat he took their money from has no intention of let it go. After Ramo and his family at cihangir's mark, Kürşat is now a great threat to Ramo. The countdown has begun, and a suppository has been fired to save Ramo's family. Seeing Sibel and Ramo together, the River's suspicions continue. What Sibel said about Ramo terrifies the River as he tries to convince the River that there is nothing going on between him and Ramo.

Kürşat, who turned Istanbul upside down to destroy Ramo and his family, finds Ramo in front of him when he least waits. Ramo's brave act is the kind that would surprise even Cihangir.

Ramo Episode 17 Trailer

Ramo Episode 17 Summary

Ramo's plan, which wants not to learn anything from Kürşat, is in no waste with the murder of Kürşat. Ramo was also injured in the shootout as police arrived at the scene. Hasan sacrifices himself to get Ramo to escape and surrenders to the police on a murder suspect.

Fidan asks Sibel for help by telling her the clue that Ramo learned from Kürşat. Sibel doesn't realize she's heading for great danger while tracking the clue. Ramo, on the other hand, finds himself in a series of horrific events as he tries to get his older brother Hassan out of jail. As Ramo investigates things, he'll be in a lot of trouble that he never expects.

Ramo's new episode is on Show TV on Friday night at 8 p.m. Read Also All Episode of Ramo 

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